An aspect ratio converter with more outputs than ever before and a colour corrector for 25 different video standards are just two of the products to be showcased by Crystal Vision atBroadcast Video Expo. Crystal Vision will be exhibiting on Stand E56 at the UK’s broadcast exhibition, Broadcast Video Expo 2011 at Earls Court 2, London between 15th and 17th February.

ARC-20MC – a new aspect ratio converter with more outputs and ideal for changing aspect ratio live on air

Crystal Vision’s new ARC-20MC aspect ratio converter is designed to change the aspect ratio of an SDI video signal while preserving the geometry. It has presets for the six commonly used conversions, and also allows the user to customise both the size and position of the picture. It features motion adaptive video de-interlacing and can switch instantly and cleanly between two conversions in a single frame blanking period - which means aspect ratios can be changed live on air. With five outputs of the converted signal, the ARC-20MC provides the most outputs ever featured on a Crystal Vision aspect ratio converter. The board can handle AFD data, it can pass embedded audio and also compensate for delays generated by other equipment. If fitted with a FIP or FOP fibre option, the ARC-20MC can send signals over larger distances while still only using a single frame slot - all these new features, and all at the same price as the ARC-10MC, which the ARC-20MC replaces.

CoCo 3G – a colour corrector and legaliser that works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources

The extensive colour correction tools make the CoCo 3G ideal for any whole picture colour correction or legalising applications - it allows flexible adjustments in both the RGB and YUV colour spaces. CoCo 3G can colour correct and legalise 25 different video standards. Providing two main and three auxiliary outputs, the auxiliary outputs can be connected to a monitor allowing you to either wipe horizontally or vertically between the unprocessed signal or switch between input and output for a 'before' and 'after' comparison.

Also launching in 2011 are the Up-Down-AT 3G and Up-Down-ATX 3G up, down and cross converters

As with the rest of the Up-Down 3G range of converters, the Up-Down-AT 3G and Up-Down-ATX 3G allow flexible up, down and cross conversions between 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources and can perform two conversions simultaneously – putting out co-timed dual outputs that remain constant in format even if the input changes. The two new versions of Crystal Vision’s popular Up-Down 3G up/down/cross converter are ideal for those working with timecode and subtitles or where audio routing is required. Up-Down-AT 3G and Up-Down-ATX 3G include four group audio handling, aspect ratio conversion including AFD insertion and reading, and optional integrated fibre input/output connectivity. They also provide both transport and conversion of timecode and audio routing by stereo channel. An additional special feature of the Up-Down-ATX 3G is its ability to carry teletext and subtitle information across different definitions.

Other Crystal Vision products available to Broadcast Video Expo visitors include the ever-popular Safire HD 2 chroma keyer. Providing real-time chroma keying of an outstanding quality, Safire HD 2 works with both High Definition and Standard Definition sources. It includes unique processing, saves on rack space and is very easy to operate.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers, picture storage modules and a full range of interface equipment including converters, decoders, encoders, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.

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