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“Project Primetime” puts Adobe in the content distribution game

Adobe Systems (opens in new tab) announced a new system that it claims will change the way videos and ads are delivered across platforms like iPads, Android tablets, Internet-connected TVs and other viewing devices.

Called “Project Primetime (opens in new tab),” the new technology platform facilitates TV-like experiences for ad-supported videos across all devices connected to the Internet. It creates a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe streaming technologies, content protection, analytics and optimization with the recently acquired Auditude video advertising platform. Its elements will be introduced throughout 2012.

“Project Primetime gives media companies one solution to deliver and monetize their content seamlessly across tablets, mobile phones, TVs and PCs while delivering better consumer experiences over IP,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president of Digital Media Business at Adobe.

As part of the first phase of bringing the platform to market, Adobe made “Primetime Highlights” available this week. It features an integrated web-based video clip editor, with the Adobe Auditude ad platform, that enables a single workflow for creating and monetizing live video clips in real time.

Video publishers can deliver ad-supported clips that are instantly available—even while an event is still ongoing—making content more timely and less expensive to produce, Adobe said. Clips can be delivered via an Adobe-provided video player within an existing mobile application or embedded in a website.

And, Primetime eliminates the need for heavy advertising plug-ins by moving more of the processing to the cloud, Adobe said, which means no more flickering circles waiting for ads to load, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device. It feels like what you see on TV, but on any device.

By developing Primetime, Adobe is now effectively in the ad-serving business as well. The company previously provided ad publishing or streaming media, but not advertising capabilities, said Ashley Still, director of product management at Adobe adding that it allows both server-side and client-side integrations of content and ads that fosters the efficient and scalable delivery of monetizable video content.

Adobe Auditude has received the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) accreditation of the Digital Video Ad Impression Statistics for ads delivered by its ad management and monetization platform.

Primetime is being shown to broadcasters and media companies beginning this week and is expected to be available with support for Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung Smart TVs and other platforms. The individual products and technologies of the platform continue to be available as separate offerings.