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Front Porch Digital announces DIVArchive integration with Sony's Optical Disc Archive

At IBC2013, Front Porch Digital announced that its newest version of its DIVArchive CSM system now integrates with Sony's Optical Disc Archive technology.

The integration gives Front Porch Digital users an alternate means of storage for both DIVArchive and the LYNX cloud-based disaster recovery and media asset storage service. Optical Disc Archive stores data in a compact cartridge with 12 optical discs for high-capacity file-based archiving.

Sony's Optical Disc Archive users benefit from the ability to store their improtant data safely, with scalable storage capacity and performance from DIVArchive and LYNX. Support for DIVArchive, which can integrate with multiple media libraries, will play an important role for a wide range of Sony's broadcast users in expanding storage space beyond Optical Disc Archive, migrating content from tape to Optical Disc Archive and recovering from disaster.