New Serial Controlled Pan Tilt Head From Telemetrics

December 17, 2008
Telemetrics has expanded its range of servo-based Pan/Tilt units to include the new PT-CP-S4 Pan/Tilt Head.

Featuring a versatile and compact design, the unit offers side camera-mounting, a DC-DC converter to power accessories over long cable runs, a newly designed cable management system, and serial data control with multi-processor architecture.

The PT-CP-S4 can be set up with the camera mounted on the side or on the top as well as being positioned upright or inverted. The built-in DC-DC converter at the base of the Pan/Tilt head converts 48 V power to the appropriate voltage levels for the head, auxiliary robotic devices, camera, lens and viewfinder. When used with the Telemetrics PS-RM-48V power supply, cable distances between the control location power supply and the Pan/Tilt unit can be measurably increased.

Control of the unit is via serial data using RS-232 or RS-422 and multi-processor architecture with flash-based RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) servo controllers.

The PT-CP-S4 also features a newly designed cable management system that routes the cables to the camera through the Pan/Tilt Head. This design improvement offers added reliability to the set up because the cables are not swinging freely or being continually flexed as the unit pans and tilts.

The PT-CP-S4 includes Telemetrics 'camera operator-like' moves along with velocity servo controls for equally smooth preset motions and joystick control. End stops can be set either mechanically or electronically and heavy duty cross roller bearings and swiss motors with isolation mounts provide quiet operation. Up to 255 programmable timed presets are available with multi-axis convergence.

The new product also offers optional camera control for a selection of manufacturers' cameras as well as Bluetooth wireless control and an auxiliary control interface allows the optionally available Telemetrics Trolley, Elevating Pedestal and Elevating Wall Mount.

"The new PT-CP-S4 has been designed for user versatility and performance. It's the perfect tool for accommodating a variety of cameras and studio set ups without compromise," said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. "Additionally, the PT-CP-S4's DC-DC converter allows more flexibility in set up by extending the distance between the Pan/Tilt head and the control location power supplies."

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