NAB: Larcan, UDcast Introduce Solution for Mobile DTV

April 20, 2009
Larcan has introduced its next generation of the Larcan Plus system that will support the new ATSC DTV Mobile standard. New Larcan—Mobile Plus allows broadcasters to provide a mobile service that compliments their existing ATSC terrestrial service. Larcan chose to partner with UDcast for its ATSC M/H multiplexer because of its reputation and experience.

“We wanted to partner with a company who truly knew the ATSC legacy Transport Stream and the additional encapsulation for DTV Mobile,” said Scott Barella, Larcan’s vice president of business development and technology. “UDcast was able to bring their experience in other mobile television markets to bear in the ATSC marketplace with a solution that was both fully integrated and forward thinking.”

UDcast is a pioneer in the creation of mobile TV standards that have enabled the development of mobile TV ecosystems through partnerships with major telecom and broadcast infrastructure providers. The company’s introduction of an ATSC Mobile solution is a continuation of its efforts in DVB-H and DVB-SH.

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