Doremi Will Sing With New Storage and Playback

March 8, 2007
At NAB2007, Doremi Labs will demonstrate its new Doremi Asset Manager software, featuring extensive video file format support, for its standalone Nugget HD Video Player. The new software is now included with every Nugget purchase.

Doremi Asset Manager, which simplifies the selection and Ethernet transfer of video files such as QuickTime, MXF, AVI, and WMV to Nugget's internal hard drive. The operator simply adds the desired files into Asset Manager's clip database and the software transparently handles the synchronization and transfer of content to Nugget's hard drive.

Doremi Labs will also introduce the V1-HD/LE disk recorder for A/V applications. The V1-HD/LE's real-time recording excels in A/V applications where the video material is updated frequently. The V1-HD/LE records and plays HD-SDI and SDI video at a better than 2:1 compression ratio. It features two hot-swappable drives for up to 80 minutes of recording. The V1-HD/LE can also be used as a drop-in replacement for HD video VTRs.

The high-resolution video playback of Nugget and the V1-HD/LE is well suited for high-resolution video projectors, plasma and LCD displays in venues such as theme parks, museums, concerts and other events.

Doremi will also show advanced features for its DCP-2000 digital cinema server, which boasts more than 2,200 screens in operation worldwide. These features include 3D playback, CineLink II strong link encryption, and Thomson's NexGuard and Philips' CineFence forensic watermarking for security.

Each DCP-2000 server includes the CineLister software utility that provides effortless scheduling and playlist administration. Playlists can include both JPEG 2000 and MPEG-2 movie files and pre-show content files.

Doremi Labs will be in booth SU3608.

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