Washington Wizards Make ChyronHego Coach Paint a Central Part of Pregame Prep

MELVILLE, N.Y. — March 21, 2019 — ChyronHego today announced that the NBA's Washington Wizards have used the company's Coach Paint telestration tool successfully throughout the 2018-19 season to enable the clear, concise communication of key coaching points to players during pregame video presentations. Specifically designed for coaches and athletes, the ChyronHego tool engages, illustrates, and informs with high-end telestration techniques similar to those used on professional sports broadcasts.

"Using ChyronHego's Coach Paint, our staff can quickly and easily enhance video to demonstrate and reinforce coaching points," said Jimmy Bradshaw, video coordinator, Washington Wizards. "The tool is simple and intuitive, making it easy to use familiar visual effects to help players understand key concepts going into a game. It has become an integral part of our pregame routine."

Along with flexibility and ease of use, Coach Paint provides tight integration with all the Wizards' third-party video systems, in turn supporting a highly efficient workflow. The ChyronHego tool is used by sports teams and leagues around the world to teach advanced concepts, reinforce correct technique, and simulate game situations.

"The Wizards are among several teams in the NBA that are pioneering in their use of telestration," said James Clarke-Reed, head of sports performance and technology solutions at ChyronHego. "The team's video analysis process meets the high standard we see on broadcast television, and level of quality and accuracy can only help the coaching staff and players to achieve success."

Further information about ChyronHego and the company's products is available at www.chyronhego.com. 

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ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the sports technology and broadcast markets. ChyronHego's sports technology division specializes in creating, analyzing and distributing sports data and sports video, as well as empowering the visualization of this content for a wide range of applications. ChyronHego offers some of the industry's most widely deployed sports technology solutions — including TRACAB™ optical and wearable sports tracking systems; and Coach Paint for video analysis. Headquartered in New York, ChyronHego also has offices in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

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