RED Alert: Learn RED Workflows with FCP X and Moviola

If you think FCP X can’t handle a feature film workload with RED footage, let a free webinar from Moviola show you otherwise.

The new kid on the editing block, FCP X has taken a radically different approach to non-linear editing. While this has left many editors feeling the platform is for amateurs, it’s possible to say FCP X is just a misunderstood NLE. What better way to see it put to the test than in a webinar dealing with editing workflows for 4K media, including RED footage? Moviola has announced a free live webinar airing on April 23rd at 11:30 AM PST for just that reason. The webinar will cover RED/4K/RAW workflows specifically on the FCP X platform, and specifically with long form programming in mind. Viewers will walk away with new, efficient ways to edit 4K footage on FCP X that will make your 4K workflow feel like you’re editing 1080.Presenter Sam Mestman has worked for Apple, ESPN, "Glee," and, to name a few, and now runs his own post production operation at He's a regular writer for MovieMaker Magazine, teaches post workflow at RED's REDucation classes, and specializes in saving independent producers tens of thousands of dollars while delivering a top quality product. He is also the founder and CEO of We Make Movies (, which in just three years might have become the largest film collective in Los Angeles (and now Toronto).To register for this webinar, visit
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