Tackle your Problems before they hit Post with Moviola

Not everything can be fixed in post, learn how fix common problems during production with a free webinar from Moviola.

It has become an all too common idea for productions to ‘fix it in post.’ While some problems can be fixed most effectively in post-production, this is commonly just a way to push off dealing with an issue and making it someone else’s problem. In the end, this is a big source of cost overruns and delays in release when a problem is trying to be fixed in a less than ideal situation. That’s why Moviola has announced a free live webinar on April 2nd at 11:30 AM PST. The webinar will cover the types of problems normally given to post-production, that should be handled during production. Viewers will learn techniques to help deal with these issues and avoid pushing them into post.Presenter Walter Biscardi, Jr. is the creative genius and owner of Biscardi Creative Media. He founded his creatively driven company with one idea in mind: nothing is impossible, whatever you can envision, it can be created. In particular Biscardi believes we should use the biggest tool of all, the mind, to bring your vision to life. Walter is also a disciplined professional who understands the importance of a deadline and a budget.To register for this webinar, visithttp://moviola.com/webinars/fixing-it-in-production-not-in-post/
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