Point Source Mics on Point for this Sound Designer

Petaluma, CA — April, 2015 — “Astounded, then speechless” is how Alan Chang, Sound Designer, describes his first experience using Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 earset microphones. Chang was retained as live sound engineer for the world-premiere of “SEVEN” a one-time-only theatrical reading staged in recognition of International Women’s Month in February, sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women Sacramento Section at the Congregation B’nai Israel. SEVEN tells the true stories of remarkable women and their extraordinary achievements. The occasion featured award-winning playwrights telling inspirational stories through the words of the seven heroes.

Chang, Principal of Coral Canopy, based in San Francisco, is a multimedia production house that covers the gamut of film, television, concert, theater, orchestra, and chorale sound design and system integration. Chang said his first experience using the hi-performance miniature SERIES8 earworn microphones was a “eureka” moment that will “forever stand out in my mind.” Chang’s sixteen-year career spans overseeing technical and creative direction for everything from TEDx events to the experiential NASA "Ground Control: An Opera in Space", a world-premiere consisting of a 3-month musical and orchestral process by the International Space Orchestra that culminated in the kick off in 2012 of the ZERO1 Biennial and the recording of an album at Skywalker Sound.

Chang explained that the Point Source earset mics are so tiny they almost disappear. “It’s hard to believe so much technology can be contained in something this miniature”, he said. “Despite the marbled floor and challenging room acoustics, each word and lyric was clearly reproduced for the attendees excited to hear these performers' every word. We received rave reviews from the audience as well as the performers, unusual in my experience since most folks take sound for granted.”

Chang said he had been hearing good things about the Point Source Audio earset mics and because the buzz from his peers was getting louder, he decided to try them. He had heard how dependable they are for theatrical production—they’re waterproof, makeup resistant, durable, very bendable—and most importantly precise. He especially appreciated the sales support he got from Point Source Audio and their local dealer, CyberLogic Corp., and now considers the team friends.

Chang said, “Because the microphone boom is securely positioned near the mouth, we heard every nuance, from quiet whispers to sudden bursts of shouting. Even during sudden choreographed movement, the SERIES8 microphones performed dependably and seamlessly; every spoken word was coherent.” During the production Chang said he could actually relax; he didn’t have to be super-vigilant guarding against “gain before feedback.” And because he’s now using them consistently for all of his projects, he can attest to how robust they are not just during production but over time. He says, “They’re built to perform—and to last."

About Point Source Audio
Point Source Audio (@PSA_audio) manufactures and distributes worldwide their SERIES8 miniature microphones—a unique line of headset and earworn microphones known for their robust bendable boom and waterproof features, and a winner of the 2014 Best Microphone award. As the Digigram Distributor for the Americas, the world renowned brand of Digigram sound cards, and IP audio and video networking technology are also available from Point Source Audio. Founded in 2004, Point Source Audio is headquartered in Petaluma, Calif. For more information call (415) 226-1122 or visit www.point-sourceaudio.com. Follow the company on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PSA_audio

About Coral Canopy
Coral Canopy’s demand for audio support and design services includes a roster of clients spanning the film, broadcast, theatre, live production, orchestras, and system integration industries. For more than 15 years, Alan Chang and his San Francisco, Calif.-based Coral Canopy team have provided technical and creative support for events such as TEDx, NASA, and Skywalker Sound as well as for international dignitaries including Natalie Coughlin, Yvonne Cagle, Gerard Butler, and YoYo-Ma. The company oversees all phases of production from planning to delivery. For more information, visit www.coralcanopy.com.