Cinegy to clarify the Cloud at NAB seminars

NAB 2015, BoothSL11116 Cinegy, which develops and produces media asset management products used in flagship productions around the world, will present “Cloudy With a Chance of Media” in a series of on-booth seminars at NAB 2015.

The company will demystify what “cloud” really means for broadcasters and how Cinegy is optimizing a range of internet-oriented technologies for safe, effective and beneficial deployment in the traditionally conservative world of broadcast-engineering software.

The seminar will begin with focus on virtualization, which will include how to deploy Amazon EC2 Air to host a service; a demonstration to confirm that GPU acceleration works; and how to establish a broadcast island in the cloud.

Part two will examine HTTP protocols and the use of Amazon EC2 Air to send MPEG2 TS over HTTP.

It’s no secret that the world is awash with streaming protocols, which can make multicasting more pain than panacea. With simple but often misunderstood or un-configured settings required to scale multicast, as well as the problems of routing multicast over the internet or streaming UDP through firewalls, sending multicast content reliably to any home or mobile in the world is difficult. Cinegy will discuss “RtpHttpGateway”, an experimental tool being used inside Cinegy that takes UDP RTP packets on a multicast broadcast network and makes them available over any other routable network via HTTP TCP connections.

Cinegy Lewis Kirkaldie said, “Every format has its merits, so why be limited to just one? While our RtpHttpGateway streaming format is ‘non-standard’, it takes advantage of existing standards and is at least as good, and often better, than the standards it supplements. With RtpHttpGateway, streams can be played directly in VLC or Windows Media Player and will even work in common browsers if they have the application installed.”

Cinegy will host the seminars on Booth SL11116. More information is available here.

Cinegy is maximizing the value of NAB Show to delegates by hosting three days of multi-language workshops including keynote presentations, case studies and an overview of Cinegy expertise in collaborative workflow.