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Tackle Your Movie Scenes with a Free Webinar from Moviola!

A scene is what your entire production is based upon, make sure yours is as good as it can be with Moviola!

Too often scenes come across as forced and exposition heavy, which can be especially frustrating since these issues can be easily addressed and fixed. That’s why Moviola is hosting a free, live webinar on August 9th, 2012 at 10:00 AM PST titled Editing Bootcamp: The Psychology of a Scene. Attendees can expect a thorough breakdown of scenes from a real production, as well as discussion of different ways to approach the exposition of the scenes. Viewers will walk away with an in depth understanding of how to structure a scene in the editing room.

Presenter Chris Nelson's career has been long and varied, having been Producer, Director or Film Editor on a variety of Cable and Network Movies, Pilots, Series and Feature Films. Nelson's career as a film editor began on the Mini-Series "The Captains and the Kings" in the late 70's. Soon after he began editing pilots, such as "The Greatest American Hero," for Stephen Cannell. Nelson has received the Best Editing Emmy for "Lost", and Nominations for: "Mad Men", "Six Feet Under", "China Beach", and "The Greatest American Hero" pilots. He also received an American Cinema Editors nominations for editing the "West Wing" pilot and "Lost".

If all that wasn’t enough to bring you in, Moviola has a huge giveaway for this webinar. One lucky attendee will be walking away with a full version of Avid Media Composer 6, a prize valued at $2,499!

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