Program of Events Is Announced for the Audio Engineering Society’s 57th International Conference on the Future of Audio Entertainment Technology

—Highly focused workshops and the presentation of technical papers advancing the science of professional audio are hallmarks of AES International Conferences, and this year’s first-ever Future of Audio Entertainment Technology Conference entrieswill offer deeper insight into timely topics including low-frequency management, cinema design, an immersive sound and psychoacoustics and other areas —

New York, NY  — The Audio Engineering Society, which will host its 57th International Conference on Friday, March 6 – Sunday, March 8, 2015, in Hollywood, California, has published its preliminary Program of Events centered on the conference’s theme – the Future of Audio Entertainment Technology. This conference brings together top researchers, acousticians and engineers to address the current and future audio needs of cinema, television and online media. Scheduled to take place at the renowned TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, the Program will cover a range of timely topics for professional audio, including audio design for cinema, low-frequency management, immersive and 3-D audio, object-based workflow and more. Co-chaired by Brian McCarty and Dr. Sean Olive, the program will delve deeply into the growing number of disparate audio formats and chart a course for the delivery of these formats to the consumer – in the cinema, at home, or from their online devices.

Following the keynote address on Friday morning by Avid Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Louis Hernandez, Jr. Dr. Floyd Toole will give the presentation “Acoustics for the Theater and Home – Moving Forward on a Foundation of Common Acoustical Science.” Program areas for the day will include papers that explore how film sound is evolving, including “Audibility of Comb-Filtering Due to Cinema Screens” (Holland, Newell, et al.); “Electro-acoustic measurements on cinema B chains in Australia” (Murphy, Krix); and “Equalizing Effects of Perforated Movie Screens and the Future” (Leembruggen). Workshops that also hone in on cinema sound issues are those on Dialog Intelligibility, with presentations by David L. Smith of Bose Corporation and Academy Award-winning sound designer and film sound mixer Lon Bender.

New fields of sound technology are also well represented at the 57th International Conference; the presentations on Sunday, March 8, will be entirely dedicated to the study of immersive sound, with panels and papers such as “Cinema Immersive Audio” co-sponsored by the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), and “nouvOson: Public Radio Distribution of Immersive Audio” (Radio France). The implications of low-frequency energy (LFE) across all content distribution platforms will also be examined in the workshop “Low Frequency Issues: Cinema/Home/Internet,” featuring input from acousticians from Charles M. Salter Associates, NASA and Sydney University. Three separate papers — “Low-Frequency Sound Insulation in Post Production” (Miyar, Begault); “Enhanced LF Sound Reproduction in Cinemas” (Hill, et al.); and “Considerations for the Generation and Measurement of Low Frequency Effects in Cinema Rooms” (Newell, Holland) — further underscore the importance of LFE in modern audio content. In all, the conference’s three days will offer information and insight into the new corners that audio is already turning.

“This conference will explore the latest issues facing audio professionals today in regards to cinema, television, online content and more,” stated Bob Moses, AES Executive Director. “AES continues to provide the most comprehensive information for our members and attendees of events such as the Future of Audio Entertainment Technology Conference, and it continues to support our mission - If it’s about audio, it’s at AES.”

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