Civolution SyncNow Is Selected for WOWOW New English-Language TV-Syncronized App

Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, WOWOW Inc., Japan’s first 24/7, three-channel, full high-definition broadcaster, and IT Access., Co., Ltd., distribution partner of Civolution in Japan today announce the launch of TV-companion application Drama de Eigo. WOWOW viewers using the new app on their second-screen devices will gain access to English and Japanese subtitles synchronized in real time to the accompanying English-language TV drama, Drop Dead Diva, broadcast on air. WOWOW will launch the new application in conjunction with the drama series on October 21st.

The WOWOW app has been designed for an initial launch of a WOWOW English-language TV drama series premiering in October. Along with real-time synchronized English and Japanese subtitles, viewers will also be able to look back on the English dialogue and narration following each broadcast. By providing a clear understanding of common English expressions and phrases used in these shows, the app’s TV-synchronized features will help viewers further enjoy WOWOW’s English-language programming, and gain a better appreciation of English-speaking cultures.

“We had strict real-time synchronization requirements for the development of Drama de Eigo, as it was imperative that the translated text of the app sync precisely and automatically with the foreign-language dialogue and action on screen,” said Yoshiro Minezaki, General Manager of Engineering Division, WOWOW. “After a rigorous evaluation of the SyncNow SDK, we selected it as our automatic content recognition backbone, as Civolution’s was the only technology we evaluated that had truly accurate, reliable real-time synchronization capability.”

“We’re pleased to see our SyncNow solution stand out from competing technologies in the space, and meet the high demands of a first-class broadcaster such as WOWOW,” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Solutions, Civolution. “WOWOW has been responsible for a number of pioneering moments in Japan’s broadcast history, and the integration of TV-synchronized capabilities into their viewing experience is further evidence of this innovative stance.”

“We introduced SyncNow to WOWOW two years ago with a number of successful European use cases. Since then, WOWOW had utilized the SyncNow SDK multiple times to improve its workflow. We are delighted to see that WOWOW has become a first SyncNow adopter in Japan, where the second screen trend is still in its early stages,” said Yosuke Kaburagi, President & CEO, IT Access. “We are proud to see that our continuous support in various aspect of its workflow is allowing WOWOW to tackle its forward-looking challenges.”