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Digigram Releases RAVENNA / AES67-Enabled PCIe Sound Card

MONTBONNOT, France -- April 2, 2014 -- Digigram today announced the release of the LX-IP RAVENNA PCIe sound card, the company's first RAVENNA / AES67-enabled product. Featuring ultra-low latency down to one audio sample per IP packet, up to 256 RAVENNA I/O channels from multiple RAVENNA streams, and a full MADI interface, the new card is ideal for high-density audio production or automation applications in radio and TV broadcast studios.

"As a robust media transport solution, RAVENNA goes beyond standard definitions such as AES67 to offer added functionality and performance capabilities while assuring interoperability with a wide variety of other media transport devices and networks," said Pascal Malgouyard, head of product marketing at Digigram. "Our new LX-IP RAVENNA PCIe sound card takes advantage of these capabilities to provide users with exceptional audio quality and versatility in high-density professional audio-focused applications. In addition, the MADI interface allows a seamless migration from synchronous audio to RAVENNA / AES67 networked audio environments."

Digigram's LX-IP sound card makes it easy for users to record and play as many as 128/128 audio-over-IP RAVENNA channels simultaneously in and out of a desktop computer. Boasting ultra-low round-trip latency down to three milliseconds, interoperability with all AES67 requirements, an embedded 128 x 128 switching matrix, Grandmaster PTP clock abilities, and high redundancy assured by two Gigabit Ethernet connections, this reliable hardware solution enables broadcasters to maintain high performance regardless of the computational load presented by the increasingly demanding applications running on the host system. As an option, an optical MADI interface may be directly connected to the embedded switching matrix to provide 64/64 inputs/outputs.

This new release is the first of many Digigram solutions that will be enabled with RAVENNA technology, which uses well-established standards and protocols to addresses interoperability with respect to synchronization, media clock identification, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description, and connection management. Boasting these capabilities along with Digigram's acclaimed audio-over-IP transport and processing technology, the LX-IP RAVENNA PCIe sound card and future RAVENNA-enabled solutions from Digigram will meet the broadcast industry's need for flexible, cost-effective, low-latency synchronous audio distribution over local area networks (LANs).

Digigram was one of the very first companies to participate in the RAVENNA consortium led by ALC NetworX in 2011, setting open standards for low-latency synchronous AoIP distribution. Digigram has actively contributed to high-performance AoIP interoperability since the beginning of an AES standardization project called "X192" in 2010 that issued the AES67 interoperability standard in 2013.

More information about Digigram and the company's products is available at or by phone at +33 4 76 52 47 47.

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RAVENNA is a technology for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures. RAVENNA is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro audio market featuring low latency, full signal transparency, and high reliability.

While primarily targeting the professional broadcast market, RAVENNA is also suitable for deployment in other pro audio market segments like live sound, the install market, and recording. Possible fields of application include (but are not limited to) in-house signal distribution in broadcasting houses, theaters, concert halls and other fixed installations; flexible setups at venues and live events; OB van support; inter-facility links across WAN connections; and in production and recording applications.

Unlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy. RAVENNA is fully compatible with the AES67-2013 standard on High-performance Streaming Audio-over-IP Interoperability.

About Digigram

Positioned at the convergence of professional audio and video with IT, Digigram offers IP-based solutions that enable users worldwide to increase their competitiveness through change.

The company's products enable the reliable capture, production, and delivery of high-quality audio and video over IP networks. Its innovative IP audio codecs, professional sound cards, and audio processing software are used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters, and audio engineers worldwide. Digigram's all-IP video product line provides advanced contribution and distribution solutions to broadcast, IPTV, Web TV, and OTT operators. The company also delivers key audio/video technologies and OEM solutions to software vendors and manufacturers.

For more than 25 years, through constant innovation and the development of fruitful partnerships, Digigram has been influential in energizing the industry, raising standards, and pushing forward technological development.

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