Aframe 3.0 Cloud Video Platform Makes Video Collection, Storage and Management More Globally Capable Than Ever

March 25, 2014 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time-

Adds New Desktop App for Automated Media Movement, Industry’s First Cloud-Based Auto Transcoder, HTML5 Player and More Asset Management Capabilities

2014 NAB Show

BOSTON & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aframe announced that it is debuting a major new version of its cloud video platform – Aframe 3.0 – at the NAB Show 2014, in Las Vegas. This next generation of Aframe’s award-winning platform adds features for dramatically increased automation, convenience, and control in broadcast and production workflows. Already field-proven by some of the biggest names in broadcasting, news & sports production, Aframe 3.0 helps TV, film, news and sports productions reduce costs, improve competitiveness, and profitability. 

“New features in Aframe 3.0 take the pain out of the production and broadcasting process, so organizations can reap the benefits of the cloud for reduced costs, faster turnarounds, improved competitiveness, and increased profitability.” 

As media & entertainment professionals face continued pressure to reduce costs and get content to air faster – content that exists in a maddening array of formats – Aframe 3.0 addresses longstanding inefficiencies in the “first mile” of content creation and distribution processin an elegant, cost-effective way while complementing existing technology investments.

New Aframe 3.0 features free its users to assemble the work of large global teams far more efficiently, with peace of mind that remain fully under control and secure:

  • New Desktop App – for automated content upload that saves time and hassle while accelerating media movement and transcode. Even with the smartest cloud storage approach, ingesting large files remains time-consuming. Eith the new app, assignment desk staff and producers don’t need to keep asking and logging in when waiting for footage. Once installed Aframe 3.0 creates a watch folder that automatically transfers files and can be configured to automatically send files to team members. The desktop app automatically detects the best connectivity settings before sending the clips to Aframe where it automatically transcodes them to a streamable web proxy for preview.
  • Industry’s First Cloud Based Automatic Transcode Capabilities –a boon to productivity that addresses a historic problem in production workflows – the need to homogenize the multiple formats created by professional news and production camera types and ingested into a workflow – without requiring the purchase of hardware or standalone software. When files are ingested, they can be automatically transcoded into a preferred house codec, including popular file type such as Avid DNxHD XDCAM and AVC Intra or custom transcoded for out of the ordinary files. Newly transcoded clips can be easily shared with people outside the project.
  • HTML5 Player support – HTML5 is the most technically advanced video player currently in use and the de facto standard for mobile Internet viewing. In Aframe 3.0, the HTML5 player ensures that professionals have precision control of the edit and can make highly productive use of Aframe’s Web proxy viewable links to files from their mobile device of choice. Frame accurate metadata records provide greater accuracy and more exact pre-edit feedback and review and approval of near final edits.
  • Time-saving asset management features that are the perfect fit for global broadcast production. Administrators get a “mission control” view that enables easier management across cost centers – particularly important for large teams or large organizations. Super users run the project by being able to assign user permissions, manage the team and delete media. More adaptable user settings and granular permissions provide added peace of mind when inviting third parties to work inside the project without compromising security – for example, allowing them to only work within a dedicated space or a specified clip collection.

“The biggest names in broadcasting are now putting the cloud first on their list of priorities,” said David Peto, CEO and co-founder of Aframe. “New features in Aframe 3.0 take the pain out of the production and broadcasting process, so organizations can reap the benefits of the cloud for reduced costs, faster turnarounds, improved competitiveness, and increased profitability.”

Aframe 3.0 is being showcased at the NAB Show, April 5-10 in Las Vegas at Aframe’s booth stand #SL 9110 in the South Lower Hall.

About Aframe
Aframe is a cloud video production system with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval, archive and tagging. Already many thousands of video professionals around the world rely on Aframe to organize and streamline video production or as an adjunct to existing media asset management (MAM) solutions. Aframe users upload their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or advertising spots. The timecode-specific metadata that Aframe users generate can be transferred directly from the cloud into any of the top 3 NLE platforms. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media – retaining all user changes automatically. If desired Aframe can provide logging services that makes video discoverable and expedite finding the perfect clip.

Aframe also can serve as a cloud-based MAM architecture to centralize a library of production and broadcast-ready video assets and supporting documentation. For more information visit



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