Studio Technologies Introduces Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System at 2014 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS, FEBRUARY 26, 2014—Studio Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of tailored high-performance audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, is introducing the Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System at the 2014 NAB Show (Booth C11149). Live-Link Mini is a highly-integrated and powerful camera extender system with a choice of two 1RU truck units and a compact camera unit that weights only 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg). Live-Link Mini addresses the desire for a cost-effective, compact system that still delivers the inherent power of the signature Live-Link products in which SDI, IFB, comms and program audio are present in an easy-to-deploy system.

“We are constantly listening to the industry to get feedback about what equipment engineers and camera operators really need. In this case the resources required for efficiently supporting single-camera live events.” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “The Live-Link Mini was born from this industry input. The system is optimized for electronic news gathering (ENG), uplink truck and focused broadcast applications, and offers the quality build, excellent audio quality and reliable operation that are at the core of the Live-Link family of products.”

The Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System offers one SDI path in each direction, supporting a wide range of SD-, HD-, and 3G video signals. The system features integrated party-line and 4-wire intercom support, line-level “dry” and powered “wet” talent cueing (IFB) and is fully compatible with SMPTE standards. The camera and truck units interconnect through one single-mode fiber for quick and reliable field deployment, and incorporate standard optical, video and audio connectors for maximum flexibility. The camera-end unit features an integrated battery mount, whichallows for the use of a broadcast-standard rechargeable battery.

Unlike other systems from the Live-Link family, the Live-Link Mini’s camera-end unit does not provide microphone- or line-level inputs for supporting on-air audio signals. Instead, it relies on the associated camera or camcorder to embed on-air audio signals into audio group 1 of the source SDI. This minimizes the camera-end unit’s size, reduces cost and simplifies setup. The embedded audio signals are transported, along with picture data, to the associated Live-Link Mini truck-end unit.

The Live-Link Mini truck-end units come in two flavors to accommodate different missions. The standard version of the truck-end unit is powered by 12 volts DC and relies on the SDI output to provide the on-air audio to the connected equipment. This meets the need of “all embedded” applications in which the audio is always transported along with picture information. The advanced version of the truck-end unit offers flexibility in powering and adds analog audio de-embed outputs. A source of either AC mains voltage or 12 volts DC can provide power for the advanced version. If both AC and DC sources are connected, then the DC source will serve as a backup. Some applications may benefit from having analog outputs associated with the audio embedded by the connected camera or camcorder. The advanced version de-embeds the four channels associated with group 1, converts them to analog and presents them on four balanced line-level outputs.

The Live-Link Mini joins the growing family of Live-Link systems, which includes the original Live-Link, Live-Link Jr. and the ready for 4k Live-Link 07X systems.

About Studio Technologies, Inc.

Studio Technologies, Inc. provides tailored, high-performance video, audio and fiber optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets. The company was founded in 1978 with a commitment to design and manufacture dependable, individualized solutions for broadcast studio, stadium and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work,” the company is recognized as an industry leader that has never wavered from its individualized design pledge. Product categories include fiber-optic transport, broadcast support, mobile broadcast, intercom and IFB, announcer consoles, loudspeaker monitor control systems and sound pressure level monitor systems. For more information, please visit the Studio Technologies website at call 847.676.9177.