Historic Trinity Church Installs SSL C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console

The SSL C10 HD completely fit all our varied production needs

New York – Trinity Church, the historic landmark church at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street in New York City, recently installed a Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console to drive the audio for its new production control room. Trinity Church produces about 450 live events in the course of a year including its signature Handel’s Messiah, performed by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra with Julian Wachner conducting. The C10 HD was chosen as the audio console and routing solution for its sterling audio quality, broadcast savvy and music recording capabilities.

“We produce seven services a week and between 35 to 45 concerts per year in addition to public live events and we deliver both live broadcasts and material for DVD release, so we have an extremely busy production schedule,” says William Jarrett, director of media, production and operations for Trinity Church. “The building that housed the original video/audio control room was going to be taken down and rebuilt, so this was the perfect opportunity to move into a new facility within the church itself and upgrade to HD production. While we looked at all the digital broadcast consoles on the market, the SSL C10 HD completely fit all our varied production needs. The engineering staff is thrilled with the console.”

Trinity Church made its technical life easy by building a fiber audio infrastructure to complement the SSL C10 HD console with an SSL MORSE Router and MORSE Stageboxes for straightforward installation and ease-of-use. Because of the routing power and the console’s operational design, the engineering staff has been able to create a wide range of presets to instantly address different programming needs.

“The C10 is very flexible and you can easily configure it many different ways,” says Leonard Manchess, chief engineer for Trinity Church. “We are developing a library of console presets to handle setups for a service, a roundtable, a 50 piece orchestra – whatever we need. Everything we did in analogue is now much easier to accomplish. We are dealing with a router instead of a patchbay. This greatly speeds up our workflow. The audio system is over MADI fibre, which makes moving a lot of channels to the console happen quickly, and the installation was a breeze. The C10 is just a very flexible board and it suits our needs for all the different types of events we produce.”

Trinity Church has also invested in several of SSL’s optional features including Dialogue Automix™, C-Play, 5.1 Upmix and DAW Control with DAW I/O through the Delta-Link MADI HD to Pro Tools®.

“In addition to a library of presets for the types of events hosted at Trinity Church, we can also develop console operational presets for each engineer that might work the console,” comments Jarrett. “We always have great sounding audio and DAW control for our CD releases, mix minus sets up with one button and we can handle a vast amount of inputs and outputs very simply with MADI. This power allows us to easily move from program to program seamlessly, saving on production time while delivering a superior audio track.”

Trinity Wall Street is an Episcopal parish that has been a part of New York City since 1697. Located on Broadway at the head of Wall Street, Trinity was the first Anglican Church in Manhattan and after the Revolutionary War, helped form the Episcopal Church of America. The third and current Trinity Church, considered a classic example of Gothic Revival architecture, was finished in 1846 and at the time of its completion its 281-foot (86 m) spire and cross was the highest point in New York. Along with its notable architecture, Trinity Church has a strong tradition of music and arts programming. Trinity’s recording of Handel’s Israel in Egypt, performed by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street was nominated for a 2013 Grammy Award.


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