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NEP Screenworks Provides Dazzling and Unusual Video Display Used for Dave Matthews Band Summer 2013 Tour

Giant, Eye-Catching Curved LED Wall Gets Rave Reviews

PITTSBURGH -- Oct. 23, 2013 -- NEP's Screenworks division wrapped up an almost five-month-long project during which it provided custom video display services for the Dave Matthews Band Summer 2013 Tour. Contracted by Filament Productions to design, build, install, and operate the tour's on-stage video display systems, NEP Screenworks created a one-of-a-kind, much-talked-about giant LED wall in a curved configuration that surrounded and appeared to embrace the performers.

"NEP Screenworks has a widespread reputation for creating some of the most innovative video display systems in the live music industry. After working with NEP Screenworks for a number of years, we knew that they would come up with a very special solution for the tour," said Fenton Williams, president and production designer, Filament Productions. "The result was quite spectacular, and the customization reflects a lot of the band's specific input. And of course, the service we've received from the NEP Screenworks team has been absolutely top-notch."

NEP Screenworks' custom video wall used for the Dave Matthews Band tour was 22 feet tall and 62 feet wide, supported by a curving mechanism and custom structure. From the rear of the stage, the screen curved dramatically outward 120 degrees to surround the band and create the effect of pulling the performers into the video presentation behind them. A Hippotizer HD playback system from Green Hippo supplied both live feeds from the concert, and Filament Productions created custom video footage.

NEP Screenworks designed the video wall to load in and out quickly to accommodate the demanding tour schedule, which included 36 cities since May. The complete system was assembled in less than two hours, and was unloaded in as little as 37 minutes. A custom packaging system ensured quick setup and tear-down, and took up minimal space on the truck.

"For the tour, we needed to create a dazzling artistic production that was also production-friendly for a traveling show -- and I think we more than accomplished those goals," said Marty Kell, director of touring at NEP Screenworks. "A lot of the credit goes to our technicians, Gabriel Lopez and Mo Dinsmore, who kept everything running smoothly for the duration of the tour."

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