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Volicon Products at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Observer(R) RPM-600 and RPM-1000

Volicon will highlight the latest additions to the Observer(R) Remote Program Monitor (RPM) family, which enables MSOs, independent cable operators, and IPTV and satellite operators. The RPM family enables customers to evaluate the quality of their linear, on-demand, and interactive content and advertising automatically at the point of the customer experience, after the set-top box (STB). The solutions use individual STBs to scan through a channel lineup and automatically test services, perform scheduled or triggered recording of advertising or other high-value content, or provide an interactive tool for real-time troubleshooting. The RPM-600 and RPM-1000 are denser, more cost-effective solutions for functions such as ad monitoring and interactive application testing. With the Observer RPM-600 and RPM-1000, respectively, users can now manage up to six or 10 STBs simultaneously and independently.

Observer(R) TS With Higher Input Density

Building on continual improvements in processor speeds, Volicon has increased the density of its Observer(R) TS (transport stream) systems, enabling users to record, monitor, and stream all transport streams 24/7. As a result, users gain greater flexibility in the type and number of inputs they can monitor with a single compact Observer TS unit. In addition, Volicon's expanded offering of software modules for the Observer TS further adds to the system's robust capabilities by supplying cable operators with specific monitoring tools and functions as needed. New software modules make it possible for the system to support the SCTE-35 standard and monitor loudness levels.

Observer(R) TS Scout

At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Volicon will debut the new Observer(R) TS Scout, a single-input version of the company's Observer TS (transport stream) monitoring and logging system. This low-cost solution greatly simplifies remote troubleshooting and resolution of chronic issues by recording, monitoring, and remotely streaming ASI, IP, or QAM TS streams. The Observer TS Scout also provides up to seven days of recording.

Observer(R) OTT

Observer(R) OTT provides networks, video service providers, and broadcasters with a solution for logging (recording) and monitoring the over-the-top (OTT) A/V services that stream content to computers, tablets, and smartphones. The solution offers a complete, cost-effective quality monitoring and/or compliance logging solution for multiplatform media delivery. Observer OTT offers a valuable look at how consumers experience streamed content, as well as rich data about the quality of that content. In addition to providing a true recording of services, the new system facilitates remote streaming and review, as well as the ability to analyze both unencrypted and encrypted content.

Volicon Modules at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo:

Loudness Monitoring Module for Observer(R) TS and Observer RPM

At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Volicon will show an updated loudness monitoring module. The new module offers users a unique combination of integrated content recording that encompasses run-log integration and unparalleled loudness-compliance metering, making the process of performing spot checks easy and unambiguous. Available on the Observer(R) TS and Observer RPM systems, the updated loudness module allows operators to measure loudness levels of all commercials accurately and simultaneously, as well as burn measurements into the A/V asset for a clear affidavit, and quickly navigate between measurement and content review for commercial identification.

The Observer loudness module ensures compliance with the ITU BS.1770-1/3 and ATSC A/85 standards. The A/85 standard calls for loudness measurements to be taken on both the full 5.1 mix and the 5.1 stereo downmix. In keeping with that standard, Volicon's loudness module incorporates simultaneous surround and downmix measurements. Those measurements make it easy for Observer users not only to meet the specs, but also to confirm that their loudness levels will remain within acceptable parameters while meeting the intent of the latest A/85 revision -- no matter how customers watch and listen to programming.

Observer(R) Scout Switch Management Module

Volicon will feature a new Switch Management module that enables Observer(R) Scout systems to connect to as many at 16 different set-top boxes (STBs). By extending STB support to 16 units, this tool supports more cost-effective troubleshooting across a greater number and variety of STB models. When added to the low-cost, single-channel Observer Scout system, the Switch Management module offers cable operators an attractive replacement for less-capable, consumer-grade time- and place-shifting devices in applications such as STB testing and lineup verification.

Digital Program Insertion (DPI) Monitoring Module

With its Observer(R) 7.1 release, Volicon has introduced monitoring for SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 cueing messages, respectively, on the Observer TS system and on SDI Observer systems. This new module for digital program insertion (DPI) monitoring enables the monitoring, logging, alarming, graphing, and frame-accurate display of content along with the metadata and in/out point markers needed to determine if DPI messages were conveyed properly. With this module, Volicon eliminates the need to measure streams with an in-depth transport stream analyzer and to calculate the frame in which the insertion occurs. Because data related to DPI events is presented in a video overlay, users can see where transition points occur. As a result, even nontechnical staff can monitor and troubleshoot the signal to ensure that ads are being inserted correctly.

Company Overview:

Volicon is the global leader in quality of experience monitoring and recording. The company's enterprise media intelligence solutions are built on its renowned Observer(R) real-time digital video monitoring and logging solutions and its patented Virtual Media Network (VMN), which unites a multichannel video streaming engine with interactive search, content analytics, service monitoring, and alarm capabilities. With these technologies, Volicon provides the broadcast and cable industries with the most scalable, reliable, and cost-effective video content logging and monitoring system for compliance, media analysis, content repurposing, and quality of experience. Today most major networks are using Observer to do everything from monitoring a transport stream to reviewing content in the boardroom. More information is available at

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