Arrow Media’s Latest ”Hairy Bikers” Series Uses Aframe’s Cloud Video Platform to Save Storage Costs, Enable Secure Remote Review & Approval

LONDON & BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aframe said that Arrow Media, award-winning producers of long-form video programming in the UK and worldwide, is using the Aframe cloud video production and asset management platform to expedite production and enable secure, lower cost and highly redundant cloud storage for the latest series from the wildly popular “Hairy Bikers,” TV chefs Si King and David Myers, who are stepping out of the kitchen for the first time.

“We’ve found Aframe to be robust and reliable, as well as secure and easy to use, so I think we will be making even greater use of it on future productions.”

Debuting on BBC2 on Sunday, August 11 at 9 pm BST, “The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip” brings the relics of Britain’s industrial past back to life, as the hosts trade their usual spatulas for wrenches and delve into their own family history with irresistible enthusiasm. Likewise Aframe has helped Arrow Media retool its media archives for the mobile age, assuring ready access to the team’s full media archive, triple-redundant, FACT-certified backups, and a streamlined production schedule.

“We have made Aframe an essential step in our production process,” said Thomas Viner, series producer for “The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip.” “The strength of Aframe as a back-up is that we know we never have to worry about drive failure – and it happens. We have a secure back-up in 3 locations, and because it’s in the cloud, it’s available whenever and wherever we need it. Using Aframe to store all our tapeless media also saved us on buying another 3TB hard drive.”

After successfully using Aframe on shows in development for over a year, Arrow Media saw an opportunity to apply the solution when “The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip” production moved into full gear. In the past, viewing rushes meant interrupting editors to allow team viewing. Now with Aframe, Arrow Media returns rushes to the production office after each filming block, and then makes them available on Aframe in a matter of under an hour. This allows the director to view the rushes and make decisions without interrupting the editing process.

Aframe also enabled highly secure remote viewings for the entire team and also for our commissioner/broadcaster.

“The key advantage that Aframe has over other services is security, ease of use for the viewer, and the option to offer material for streaming and downloading – whichever works best,” continued series producer Thomas Viner. “We’ve found Aframe to be robust and reliable, as well as secure and easy to use, so I think we will be making even greater use of it on future productions.”

With Aframe, uploads of raw rushes took less than an hour – after which Aframe automatically creates a H.264 web proxy of any footage so that anyone who needs to watch the video can do so from a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. This allowed editors to continue work in costly edit suites unimpeded, while everyone who needed a review copy got one. In this manner Aframe allowed Arrow Media’s team to avoid courier and shipment costs and logistics, and assured safety and security of the works in progress beyond that of random screener DVD copies.

Arrow Media’s project administrator controls whoever has access to files by easily assigning rights to team members. The security of Aframe’s servers has been FACT certified and connections to Aframe are encrypted according to the latest standards.

”It’s crucial that media assets are available from anywhere, at any time, safely and always backed up,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe. “Arrow Media’s forward-thinking use of the cloud for media asset management and archiving, as well as streamlined production, show that on the road from idea to final production, Aframe takes away unnecessary interruptions to the process,” he said.

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