Cover Blemishes in Post with Moviola and Cosmetic Fixes

Actors are never perfect, but you can learn how to make them look perfect with a free webinar from Moviola.

No matter how hard everyone tries, there are going to be imperfections in the way an actor looks on a shoot. It could be a mistake from make-up, or a messy turn at craft services, but it inevitably becomes a challenge that is passed along to post-production. That’s why Moviola has announced a free live webinar on July 23rd at 11:30 AM PST. The webinar will go over tools and techniques to create simple and subtle cosmetic fixes in your footage. Those fixes could include virtual skin grafts, as well as ways to track a person in 3D space to make sure your fix stays where it needs to and is affected by the lighting in the scene. Viewers will walk away with the skills necessary to analyze a shot to determine how to approach the fix, as well as ways to deal with skintones, planar tracking, and modelling.

Presenter Damian Allen is well known in the visual effects industry as a leading technique and technology consultant. Most recently he has served as the Chief Technology Officer and Compositing Supervisor for 3DRevolution, a 2D-3D conversion studio for tentpole Hollywood features. Allen has authored three books on the subject of visual effects: The Encyclopedia of Visual Effects, Apple ProTraining Series Motion and the Shake Quick Reference Guide. In addition to consulting, Allen has worked as a compositor on multiple Hollywood features and broadcast projects. He lectures around the world on visual effects compositing theory and practical application.

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