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Volicon Products at IBC2013

Observer(R) 7.1

During IBC2013, version 7.1 of Volicon's Observer(R) TS MPEG transport stream logging and monitoring system will make its European debut. Enhanced to accommodate an even broader array of inputs, the Observer line boasts support for ASI, QAM, 8-VSB, DVB-T/T2, and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces. Available on all Observer TS systems -- including Enterprise, Pro, and Scout systems -- the new interface simplifies deployment and configuration for receiving off-air channels.

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Observer(R) Mobile With Extended Capabilities

Observer(R) Mobile gives users access to content anywhere, anytime through an iPad(R) or iPhone(R). Designed specifically for media executives on the go, the interface provides greater flexibility, unsurpassed portability, and the added convenience of accessing live Observer streaming along with back-navigation of previously recorded content from both local and remote locations. The ability to play, pause, search, and create logged content on demand using smart devices provides broadcasters with instant access to the final broadcast product, which ensures quality, compliance, and communication within the media enterprise. Since the introduction of Observer Mobile, Volicon has enhanced the interface to support multichannel viewing and multiple audio tracks. Users now also have the ability to select the best bit rate for their viewing device and network connection.

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Expandable Observer(R) TS Systems

Volicon will feature expandable Observer(R) TS systems that provide a clear path for cost-effective growth of a facility's monitoring systems. Users can purchase an Observer platform that meets current needs, knowing that as their operations grow, their monitoring system can easily keep pace with expanding monitoring applications and requirements. Volicon's growing array of software modules also facilitates incremental growth by supplying broadcasters with specific monitoring tools and capabilities as needed.

Volicon Modules at IBC2013:

Loudness Monitoring

With commercial and program loudness being legislated worldwide, broadcasters, networks, and video service providers must be able to monitor loudness in real time, as well as provide an affidavit of compliance for regulators and advertisers. As growing attention is paid to the stereo downmix of the 5.1 channel HD program track, Volicon's loudness module makes it easy for broadcasters to confirm that no matter how their customers watch and listen to programming, loudness levels will remain within acceptable parameters. The Observer(R) loudness module meets this challenge for broadcasters worldwide, enabling users to measure AC3 dialnorm levels and ensure compliance with ITU BS.1770-1 and ITU BS.1770-2, ATSC A/85 RP 2011, CALM Act (FCC Report 11-182A1), EBU R128 (Tech 3341/2/3/4), and ARIB TR-B32.

Digital Program Insertion (DPI) Monitoring Module

With its Observer(R) 7.1 release, Volicon is introducing monitoring for SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 cueing messages, respectively, on the Observer TS system and on SDI Observer systems. This new module for digital program insertion (DPI) monitoring enables the monitoring, logging, and frame-accurate display of content along with the metadata and in/out point markers needed to determine if DPI messages were conveyed properly. With this module, Volicon eliminates the need to measure streams with an in-depth transport stream analyzer and to calculate the frame in which the insertion occurs. Because data related to DPI events is presented in a video overlay, users can see where transition points occur. As a result, even nontechnical staff can monitor and troubleshoot the broadcast signal to ensure that ads are being inserted correctly.

Reporter Module

Observer(R) 7.1 is available with a new reporting engine that provides data correlation and display for program and channel metadata and performance. Leveraging this reporting engine, the Reporter module allows operators to automate and accelerate the generation of detailed high-quality reports (in PDF form) for analysis and verification that is tailored to the broadcaster's operations. The data supplied by the Reporter includes Observer's extensive and continually growing array of monitoring parameters. As a result, Reporter produces the rich detail necessary to isolate specific issues in the broadcast signal. To add further efficiency to monitoring operations, Observer users can configure the Reporter module for automatic report generation and email distribution. All Volicon customers using an Observer system with central servers and a reporting license receive this new reporting capability as a standard feature.

Clientless GUI

Volicon's Clientless GUI enables operation of the Observer(R) system without requiring the installation of a local player. For the many broadcasters and other media facilities that leverage Observer throughout their operations, the Clientless GUI enables widespread use with minimal maintenance and support requirements. Upgrades and updates to the Observer interface are reflected automatically in the GUI, giving users throughout the enterprise the immediate benefit of new features and functionality without any intervention from IT staff.

Volicon IBC2013 Press Conference:

Saturday, Sept. 14, at 10 a.m.

Volicon experts will provide the press with a preview of products being showcased throughout IBC2013 and answer questions about the company's technology and future roadmap.

Company Overview:

Volicon provides the broadcast and cable industries with the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective automated multichannel video content logging and monitoring system for compliance, media analysis, content repurposing, and quality of service. Its Observer(R) real-time digital video monitoring and logging solutions are based on Volicon's patented Virtual Media Network (VMN). VMN is comprised of a multichannel video streaming engine, interactive search, content analytics, and service monitoring and alarming capabilities. Volicon products and services meet the demanding requirements of broadcasters, cable and IPTV service providers, and enterprise and government organizations looking to improve broadcast product quality, enhance video management, and lower costs. More information is available at

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