Groupe Média TFO Selects Signiant Software to Accelerate Distribution of Large Media Files to Cable Providers and Business Units

Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment, today announced that Groupe Média TFO, the largest producer and distributor of French-language educational and cultural media content in Canada, has standardized on Signiant software to move and exchange large files securely among cable partners, business units across Ontario and global production and distribution organizations. Whether used for in-house production, co-production or content acquisition, Signiant solutions streamline TFO’s broadcast workflow processes and optimize internal bandwidth utilization for increased productivity and cost savings.

Serving as the French-language public television network of Ontario and offering high-quality content such as children’s programming, documentaries, music festival and repertory films for adults, TFO is available throughout Ontario and all cable companies in the province are required to offer its content. With its multiple business units in need of content, TFO’s global partners are constantly moving large files – typically 150 GB or more – across the corporate network. Yet doing so efficiently was becoming a challenge, and by early 2013 TFO’s executives realized the organization needed a solution with better performance and without the administrative constraints of FTP.

“FTP was simply not meeting our needs because of file size constraints and speed of delivery, “ said Eric Minoli, CTO/CIO, Groupe Média TFO. “We need to be able to efficiently exchange content with our partners and were looking for a way to make workflow more manageable. We trialed Signiant extensively, and were highly impressed with how Signiant products made the transfer a non-issue. What used to take us two hours to transfer, now takes just 10 minutes with Signiant – and there’s no need to buy additional bandwidth.”

“In an era where everything is immediate, we needed a reliable, efficient solution that could meet all our needs,” continued Minoli. “We chose Signiant because we didn’t want to use different software packages for different tasks – we wanted one offering that could do it all. Signiant solutions are ‘end-user products’ that are both easy-to-use internally and for our partners, so that by moving to Signiant, we are making ourselves a desirable production and distribution organization to work with on many levels.”

About Groupe Media TFO
Groupe Média TFO produces and distributes quality French-language educational and cultural media content and associated supporting content to meet the needs and aspirations of its target clientele. Groupe Média TFO thus contributes to the civic and cultural development of Ontario’s Francophone community and makes its content available on a wide array of media platforms. Based in Toronto, TFO is the largest producer and distributor of French-language educational products in Canada.