LynTec Eliminates AVL Power Complexities at Sterling High School

LynTec’s RPC SeriesProtects LED Lighting Fixtures While Providing Proper Sequencing and Power Control to Audiovisual Components

LENEXA, Kan.June 20, 2018LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that its RPC remote power control panel series successfully met the AVL power distribution challenges of Sterling High School’s auditorium in Somerdale, New Jersey. Starlite led the system integration efforts, ensuring seamless installation of the RPC panels in the auditorium. Delivering LED fixture control, proper AV sequencing capabilities, and centralized power control, LynTec’s solution extends the life of Sterling’s LED fixtures and physically isolates the power needed for the AV systems within the school’s auditorium.

“Today, LED fixtures are an attractive lighting replacement. With built-in dimming, they eliminate the need for a centralized dimming system. However, to reap the full cost savings and lifespan benefits, we needed a way to completely power down the fixtures,” said Brandon Creel, director of engineering at Starlite. “LynTec’s RPC Series allowed the school to remotely shut off the LED fixtures when not in use and properly boot up the audio equipment, providing them not only with an affordable solution but helping them protect their AV investment with a power solution that’s free from ballasts, motors, and lighting loads — all of which are common in a school power system.”

As part of Sterling’s two-phase installation, Starlite selected LynTec’s Remote Power Control motorized circuit breaker panels. Part of LynTec’s award-winning RPC Series, one of the 42 position breaker panels replaced the auditorium’s obsolete dimming system, which allowed the school to remotely power on and off the LED fixtures from LynTec’s embedded web server, a third-party touchscreen controller, or from the lighting console. The panel extends the life of the fixtures and eliminates the standby load on the electronics inside of fixtures. Starlite also installed a 30-kVA transformer to provide physical isolation from the building and lighting power and to feed an additional RPC Remote Power Control Panel. The second breaker panel is used solely for audiovisual power and with LynTec’s sequencing technology, eliminates the challenges of properly powering on digital audio systems through customizable step rates between each circuit being controlled.

Built specifically to manage installed audio and lighting systems of any size, LynTec's RPC Series panels offer customers electrical protection and web-enabled circuit switching capabilities in the same enclosure. The panels' flexible architecture enables customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components, as needed. The RPC panels support 30, 42, 66, or 84 circuit breaker positions with no increase in enclosure width. Because of this comprehensive package, integrators can easily set up, program, monitor, and control loads on a circuit-specific level.

“Many schools that have implemented LED lighting solutions and AV technology, even just a short time ago, are recognizing the inherent challenges and shortcomings of their power infrastructure to truly optimize these systems,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “Our RPC lineup is an affordable solution that not only matches their budgetary requirements but fits within their existing infrastructure to deliver power control, protection, and sequencing capabilities in an easy-to-operate, open platform. This project highlights our commitment to providing our customers with a straightforward, reliable power control solution.”

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