Location Sound Mixer Henri Rapp Provides Unique Sound Solutions

Location Sound Mixer Henri Rapp Provides Unique Sound Solutions

Having more than a decade of audio experience, Henri Rapp Recording provides high quality audio solutions on location for productions with unique audio requirements. Having recorded hundreds of music performance videos & two comedy specials, projects with unique requirements can be both challenging but also extremely rewarding. Henri Rapp has more than a decade of experience producing music in a professional recording studio, orchestral recording, doing audio post-production, as well as several years of production sound experience.

Location Sound For Performance Videos

Musical performance videos have become an incredibly popular way for brands to market themselves, but getting a studio quality sound on location can be extremely difficult. When working with celebrity talent that will get millions of views, it’s imperative things go right the first time; There is no time for trouble shooting or to make mistakes costing the client money and burning through a limited time slot available with the artist. This is the reason Henri Rapp Recording often gets brought in for specialty projects like this. One such shoot in 2018, we travelled to Nashville, TN to do 140+ performance videos at the George Jones Museum with several Grammy Winning Artists and several up and coming country artists. From solo musicians to full bands, a ton of content recorded in an incredibly short 3 shooting days.

For years Henri Rapp also produced many of the videos in the “Live From Bad Racket Recording Studios” series. While a bit different then a performance on location, every video brought album quality audio to live performances in the studio.

Getting Studio Quality Sound on Location

Not only does it take a lot of gear to deliver studio quality recordings on location, but a depth of knowledge & prep to execute it properly. With a full sound team, acoustic treatment and large scale multitrack field recording packages can be deployed to capture anything the studio can offer. From recording voice overs on location to the unique audio challenges your production, we can come up with a solution.

Sound for Comedy Specials

Comedy specials aren’t just about recording the performer, but the audience in the room with them. Using zoned micing techniques to capture a large audience is essential. With discrete multitrack recordings of every microphone there is a ton of flexibility in post to bring a polished sound to any comedy special.

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Henri Rapp Recording on Location

For projects with unusual technical needs such as music performance videos or comedy special, Henri Rapp Recording works out on location throughout the country. Based in Cleveland, we regularly travel to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit, New York City, and beyond. If your project has specialized audio needs, let's talk about your project!