Hawk-Woods to showcase new power solutions at Cine Gear Expo: Los Angeles 2019

London, United Kingdom (May 21, 2019) – Hawk-Woods, a global leader in innovative power solutions and accessories for the broadcast, film and pro-video industries, will showcase new products at Cine Gear Expo: Los Angeles 2019 on May 30- June 1, 2019, at booth 153A.

At Cine Gear, Hawk-Woods will showcase the following products:

· Mini V-Lok batteries – the smallest and lightest V-lok batteries in the world.

· MX8 Charger – An all-new 8-channel charger designed for Mini V-Lok batteries at about the same size as a competitor’s dual V-Lok charger. The MX8 simultaneously charges four batteries at any one time, which then moves onto the other four channels.

· Reel Power batteries – These Reel Power Lithium-Ion battery are designed specifically for running high voltage, high-speed film cameras. This includes the widely used Phantom series, Arri Alexa & Mini. It offers camera operators a portable alternative to using heavy floor standing block type batteries.

· 48V-RP Power Station - the new 48V-RP power station is a unique power solution which allows users to power ARRI Skypanels and other 48-volt (V) LED lighting anywhere when main power is not available. It’s one of the first power solutions which enable users to run high voltage LEDs at 100% light output via a DC input.

· X-boxx- The XB1-1000 is the latest release from Hawk-Woods in the X-BOXX range, This battery gives you all the advantages of a conventional battery box, but with considerably less size and weight. Four Lithium-Ion cell packs are fitted into this neat compact design. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, its almost half the weight of a battery box with similar specifications.

Suitable for powering professional cameras, it will also run most types of high capacity lighting, such as Tungsten or HMI lamps. Output socket variations are available, with this standard configuration being 2x XLR 4 pins.

Manios Digital is the exclusive US distributor for Hawk-Woods. For more information, visit us at Cine Gear Expo at booth 153A.