Apantac T# Multiviewers Selected by Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Apantac, an internationally recognized manufacturer and pioneer of cost-effective yet feature-rich multiviewers announces that its TAHOMA T# Multiviewers are being installed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for its nationwide news studio technology upgrade.

For this turnkey systems integration project, Apantac worked with leading independent Australian broadcast technology systems specialist, Techtel. Through the partnership with Techtel, an extensive line-up of Apantac’s T# Multiviewers are being installed in ABC control rooms at all twelve studios throughout Australia.

Specifically, Apantac developed an interface between its T# Multiviewers and the Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame switcher housed at each studio. This software integration provides a level of communication between the switchers and the multiviewers that streamlines the synchronization between the two systems. The integration allows the T# Multiviewers to sync directly with the K-Frame, so that all source, UMD naming and labels as well as auxiliary source setting changes on the switcher are automatically populated on the T# multiviewer output windows. This ensures that the monitor wall driven by the Apantac T# Multiviewers and fed by the switcher is automatically updated with display information that is continually updated as switching events occur.

The T# Multiviewers are considered one of the most flexible and versatile Multiviewers on the market today. With the T#, a facility can build the Multiviewer that they need by choosing from a selection of input and output boards, or from a selection of pre-configured models. Plus, one can mix & match a variety of signal types (SDI, HDMI, IP, Fiber, HDBaseT and more) for multi-image display processing and monitoring on displays, without any external conversion. T#’s unique and high bandwidth universal mid plane architecture allows any type of future format to be added by simply plugging in a new hot swappable input board, making it truly future-proof.

“Working with the Apantac team has been an excellent example of flexibility working in a turnkey technology environment, seamless integration with a variety of solutions, as well as a commitment to providing the customer with an advanced solution to meet their needs,” comments Mal Chandler, Techtel CEO.