ENCO to Unveil Automated Closed Captioning Breakthroughs at NAB Show New York

Southfield, MI,October5, 2017–ENCO will debut a ground-breaking addition to the company’s award-winning enCaption family of automated closed captioning solutions atboothN376 at the NAB Show New York exhibition, taking place October 18-19. The new enCaption4 builds on the product line’s proven power and efficiency with further leaps forward in accuracy and speed, while offering flexibleon-premises or cloud-based deployment options. 

Helping broadcasters, content producers and end users in professional AV environments easily and cost-effectively comply with expanding regulatory requirements, ENCO’s software-defined enCaption solutions provideaccurate closed captioning for both live and pre-recorded content in near-real-time. enCaption4’s new speech-to-text engine takes this accuracy to an unprecedented new level, leveraging breakthroughs in machine learning technology to develop a deep neural network approach to voice recognition. 

This exactitude is further enhanced by a dictionary database three times larger than previous enCaption solutions, while integration with popular newsroom computer systems (NRCS) takes advantage of news scripts and rundowns to learn and validate the spelling of local names and terminology. The result is greater automated captioning accuracy across a full array of program types, ranging from fast and dynamic sports play-by-play to slower-paced informational shows.

enCaption4 similarly improves end-to-end captioning latency, cutting in half the time between spoken words and their corresponding on-screen caption representation. Generating captions in live, real-time environments faster than human stenographers, the solution improves the viewing experience for hearing-impaired audiences with much closer synchronization between captions and actual speech. 

enCaption4 is available as an on-premises system or as a cloud-based solutionrunning on Amazon Web Services, giving customers the freedom to choose their preferred deployment model. The addition of a cloud-based offering to the enCaption family enables users to minimize on-premises equipment while leveraging the vast scalability, resource availability and multi-location collaborative benefits of public cloud platforms. 

Ideal for meeting captioning needs around the globe, enCaption4 currently supports 28 international languages. Beyond television broadcasters and media businesses, the increased performance and deployment flexibility of enCaption4 offer significant benefits for organizations including corporate enterprises, financial institutions, educational environments and government agencies, all of which may produce significant volumes of video content requiring captions. 

“enCaption4 represents a huge technology breakthrough for us,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. “Its gains in transcription accuracy are revolutionary, while its performance improvements minimize the distraction that caption delays create for hearing-impaired viewers. And as an increasing number of broadcasters incorporate the Cloud into their workflows, we’re pleased to offer them a choice of deployment platform to align with their preferences.”

enCaption4 is slated for release this month.The existing enCaption3 system will continue to be available and actively developed, becoming ENCO’s entry-level automated captioning solution. 

About ENCO

Founded in 1983, ENCO pioneered the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio station andTV studios.The company has since evolved its product line to cross all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including closed-captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. Its two flagship systems, DAD and MOM, bring the industry’s best reliability, cost-efficiency and intuitive operation to automated radio and TV operations worldwide. ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan USA and retains a global distribution network, plus a growing network of partnerships with complementary industry vendors. For more information, please visit: www.enco.com.