The H Collective & Beijing Culture’s "Wolf Warrior 2" Enters Top 100 Box Office Films of All Time

The H Collective, the newly formed US-based film finance, production, marketing and distribution company today announced that Wolf Warrior 2, which key founders of the company helped develop and produce with Beijing Culture, has become the first non-Hollywood movie to enter the top 100 box office films of all time. On top of handling the marketing and distribution of the film in the U.S. (where it played at 32 locations this past weekend and has amassed close to $2 million at the box office), The H Collective worked closely with its partner Beijing Culture on the launch of the movie in China, where it has now generated more than $685 million at the Chinese Box Office, making it the biggest film ever released in China. In June of this year, The H Collective was launched at Shanghai Film Festival alongside Beijing Culture’s Wolf Warrior 2

"Beijing Culture started the stunt casting and storytelling as well as the action design for Wolf Warrior 2 with some key members of the H Collective two years ago. That's a key element of our great success today and we have been working together on the marketing and distribution of Wolf Warrior 2 in China and worldwide,” said Song Ge, Chairman of Beijing Culture and board member of The H Collective. “On June 19th, Beijing Culture and The H Collective together launched the first true worldwide marketing campaign event for Wolf Warrior 2 in China during Shanghai Film Festival at the The H Collective slate introduction. That really kicked off the Chinese marketing campaign for Wolf Warrior 2 and as everyone knows the rest is box office history.”

Producer Joe Roth who was also present at the launch, and is developing the untitled fourth installment of the blockbuster xXx action film franchise with The H Collective stated, “It was at the Shanghai event of Beijing Culture/The H Collective’s launch of Wolf Warrior 2, that I saw the film’s trailer for the first time. I was really impressed with the quality and action of the film. I visited Beijing Culture headquarters on that trip and realized how close Beijing Culture and The H Collective team members were working together. This is a perfect example of Chinese filmmakers working with US/international partners to create Chinese backed movies that can perform around the world.”

The sequel to 2015’s hit film Wolf Warrior, which grossed $80 million in China, opened nationwide in the U.S. on July 28 and is day-and-date with its release in China. This is the first film in The H Collective’s exclusive acquisition deal to bring films from Beijing Culture to North America.