Live X and Clear-Com Work Together Like Clockwork in Times Square

Live X, the New York City-based production and broadcast company, ensured that the live broadcast of the legendary New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York’s Times Square went off without a hitch. Live X used Clear-Com’s new Agent-IC mobile app to connect field producers via smart phones to an Eclipse HX digital matrix stationed in their office on 37th Street, while the V-Series keypanels in the OB trucks were connected over IP, using 4-wire connectivity on the panels to tie into a third-party matrix intercom system.

Using Agent-IC on their phones, the Live X teams were spread throughout Times Square but remained in direct and instant communication with producers, the director and other truck staff, as if they were plugged in to a hard-wired keypanel. With desktop panels in both the webcast truck and the main show truck, the teams were fully integrated into the Eclipse HX matrix, ensuring seamless communication across the entire production.

“The modular nature of the system allows us to expand far beyond traditional intercom capabilities,” said Nick Nagurka, Audio Engineer, Live X. “With this flexibility, we can add remote participants to traditional intercom systems using internet and cellular technology. The best part is that, in the field, all you need is power and internet.”

Corey Behnke, Lead Producer, Live X, said, “Communication is critical in every event, but it’s especially key in a large–scale outdoor live event like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. I’ve worked on this event for over 15 years, and it’s been very difficult to include field producers in truck communication. Now, with Agent-IC, we have complete communication top to bottom for the whole team.”

“Harnessing IP technology for live broadcast makes it easy and cost-effective to expand the communication reach virtually anywhere where there is network connection,” said James Schaller, Regional Sales Manager, Clear-Com. “We are proud that the Live X team was confident in their choice of Agent-IC and the Eclipse HX system to keep them connected during this critical event.”

Live X’s 2017 New Year’s Eve’s case study video is available for viewing. Click here to watch now.