FSR Takes it Outside with the New OWB-500P

Woodland Park, NJ (October 24, 2016) — FSR, a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of infrastructure products for the audio/video, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, has announced the launch of the OWB-500P, the newest addition to the Company’s Outdoor Wall Box series.

“Once again, FSR is leading the charge with a line of wall boxes that is an industry first,” explains Jan Sandri, FSR president. “Our OWB series is designed for all outdoor venues and accommodates AV and IT connections, very desirable and important features for Theme Parks, Pool Decks, Entertainment and Sports Arenas, Schools, Airports, Churches and so much more. We’re delighted to expand our metal offerings with our OWB line, specifically our newest OWB-500P that solves installation issues with an elegant and practical solution.”

FSR’s new OWB-500P box features locking white doors as standard with color and decorative selections, including windows, offered upon request. The stylish covers have “flip up” cable entry doors so that the main cover can be locked once the cables are connected, and everyOWB-500P is equipped with FSR’s enclosure box light - LITE-IT - for connecting in dimly lit areas. Custom interiors are available to meet each individual application.

The box’s square shape allows mounting in any orientation so the door can swing left, right or up. It is available in flush or surface mount models and includes blank plates for custom mounting. The OWB-500P’s design provides a safe and secure mounting for a variety of control panels including hard switches, elastomeric pads, touch screens, IPS plates and infrared pickups.

The 8” deep OWB-500P features internal brackets that can be arranged to provide numerous options for both high and low voltage. Standard gang openings make it the most flexible and easiest-to-install wall box available, while removable center dividers allow cables to be passed through the various compartments in a flash. The enclosures are constructed in NEMA-4 style and with the integral door, will meet the NEMA-3 and 3R ratings providing protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

The OWB-500P is shipping now.

About FSR

FSR, established in 1981, manufactures a wide variety of signal management and infrastructure solutions for the AV/IT, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), corporate, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, including floor, wall, table, and ceiling connectivity boxes and wireways, as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless scaling switchers and HDBaseT signal delivery solutions.FSR offers live 24/7 technical and sales support throughout the country from expertly trained technicians and sales representatives. The Company is also an HDBaseT Alliance Adopter Member. For more information: www.fsrinc.com.

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