SF's One Union Recording Upgrades with Cutting Edge

SF-based Integrator Boosts Performance in Six Studios

 Located in the heart of San Francisco's advertising district, One Union Recording started with a single studio in 1995. Today, the facility has six studios providing top-level service to the world's premier advertising agencies, as well as television and film production companies. One Union recently went through a significant upgrade with the help of Cutting Edge Audio and Video Group, a leading media technology integrator. All six of the studios were moved up to new 12-Core Mac Pro computers running the latest Pro Tools software and plug-ins.

Both One Union and Cutting Edge launched in the mid-90s and the two companies have worked together ever since. "I think the first thing we bought from them was a mic pre and a microphone," recalls One Union owner John McGleenan. "As we have grown and technology has grown, Cutting Edge has either grown with us or they have educated us, or they have talked us off ledges. That's been very instrumental in our success."

A significant chapter in the history of One Union occurred in 1996, when the studios switched from analog routing to digital switching. "And then to complicate the issues," McGleenan continues, "we decided we wanted to do it among three studios simultaneously, and we wanted it to be asynchronous. It gave us us stability in the digital world, and it gave us a whole new level of routability that we hadn't even anticipated."

At One Union all studios must be configured exactly the same. "We simultaneously purchase all of the CPUs, purchase all of the hardware, all the software, all the plug-ins and everything else," explains McGleenan. "All of that will be configured and bench tested at Cutting Edge, and then deployed at One Union. It is usually a four to six month transition, so we'll start with one room for 30 days, and then we go to 2 rooms for 30 days, and so on until the last room is up and running. This last upgrade was flawless and painless - knock on wood."

Founded 23 years ago by Jeff Briss, Tom Richardson, Brian Botel and Sig Knapstad, Cutting Edge is a California-based technology reseller and systems integrator. Representing over 400 manufacturers, Cutting Edge provides solutions for audio and video recording, editorial, storage, distribution, and professional A/V. Support services include facility design, asset management, custom workflows, preventive maintenance and ongoing support and training.
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