VATek’s Modulator been use on the World’s First DTV Transmitter Crowdfunding Project on Kickstater

As the leading brand of digital TV modulator, VATek dedicate to develop new products to change digital TV head-end industry. In the past three and a half years, VATek has introduced two series of products to the world, including the Pure Modulator and ENMODER series. VATek’s unique technology brings the world’s only single chip solution that can do multi-standard modulation, which supports most of world’s mainstream digital TV modulation formats, including DVB T/C, ATSC/QAM, DTMB and ISDB-T(B2). Dramatic simply the system hardware design and significantly reduced the cost of manufacture.

Recently, VATek chips are chosen to be a major component of a crowdfunding project by an American company, V-Bridge. The project kicks off this October and will introduce the world’s first Digital TV transmitter development boards to the public. The project name MUSES and will make its debut on Kickstarter. MUSES is the first open source developing environment for Digital TV broadcast applications. VATek Pure Modulator A1 and ENMODER chip B2 will play a major role in MUSES’ two different series MUSES-α and MUSES-β respectively. The MUSES development board has the capability to generate many types of digital TV signal you like, which make the MUSES become a perfect chassis for digital media transmitters. Maker then can broadcast their media content to a Digital TV without any add-on receivers. The MUSEs is an open sourced platform, with modularized development boards. Makers can use MUSES development board to build their own application or even design their own peripheral boards to extend the system function. For makers has no resource to make hardware design, V-Bridge also provides optional package with additional video and RF boards. the video board has built-in HDMI and AV interfaces ready. Another plug and play modulator device for HAM TV or DATV players are also available.

2 series of development boards are available for different applications. The MUSES-α is a modulation board with USB port, allows maker to stream contents to Digital TV via the USB port of the computer or other smart devices. The MUSES-β is an Encoder Modulator board, allows maker to build their own standalone DTV broadcaster. Maker can put media contents into the built-in encoder of the MUSES-β, then the content will be instantly transform to digital TV signal and broadcast out. The MUSES is perfect for application like DATV (Digital Amateur TV), Digital TV Broadcasting, head-end devices, video connectivity. The traditional DTV transmitter devices are bulky and unbelievably expensive. V-bridge is try to tell a story that developing a Digital TV transmitter can be as easy and playing LEGOs, the MUSES can change your impression about the Digital TV head-end products. The funding project activity period is from October 5 to December 4, you can link the activity:, or search MUSES on Kickstarter to participate this project.

VATek is now working on their 2017 models as they keep leading the digital TV head-end industry to the next level. VATek will introduce high performance products, with the features of DVB-T2 modulation and H.264 FHD hardware encoder in the oncoming year. log on to VATek's website for more news and information at: or email VATek at: