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Philippines National Broadcaster Positions Telestream Vantage at Heart of New Digital Production Facility

Telestream, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has today announced several orders for its Vantage media processing platform with ABS-CBN Corporation, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company and the first to launch digital TV services within the country.

Vantage will provide ABS-CBN with an extensive future-proof transcode farm, which will act as the central file ingest and conversion hub for all the company’s needs. The Vantage transcode farm will be installed at the customer’s Quezon City-based iPost (Integrated Post Production) post production facility.

The order was secured by Telestream working in partnership with local channel partner, Techtwist. ABS-CBN operates two national TV channels, two regional radio networks, 11 cable channels and six international channels.

As well as meeting all of ABS-CBN’s transcoding needs, Vantage will fulfill a number of additional mission critical requirements for the broadcaster. It meets the need for content watermarking, which enables ABS-CBN to easily track assets and combat content piracy, which are common throughout the APAC region. Also Vantage fulfills all of the broadcaster’s captioning needs, which is a legal requirement in some of the major markets where ABS-CBN distribute and sell content.

The Vantage transcode farm will meet a significantly larger demand for content at ABS-CBN. Telestream Vantage will be iPost’s central content ingest facility, capturing and transcoding video feeds from other channels within the network and also from external sources. Vantage will manage materials from acquisition to post production and delivery to in-house clients.

Specified by ABS-CBN’s expert team of workflow designers, Vantage was eventually identified as the best solution after a rigorous 12-month period of proof of concept testing and stringent QA assessment.