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FLIK TV Launches With Amagi CLOUDPORT Playout Service

BANGALORE, India -- May 26, 2016 -- Amagi, a leader in cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising, today announced that FLIK TV went live in Indonesia by deploying Amagi's CLOUDPORT channel playout platform. Using CLOUDPORT, FLIK TV can support the entire playout workflow, from content preparation to storage and archival, playlist management and scheduling, graphics insertion, playout, delivery, and monitoring. Augmenting the CLOUDPORT platform with its 24/7 managed playout service, Amagi enabled FLIK TV to go live in just a few weeks at a fraction of traditional satellite delivery costs.

"FLIK TV is the only Indonesian movie channel available in HD, and we are looking to expand gradually across multiple countries. Prior to the channel launch, we considered satellite delivery, but ultimately turned to the cloud for playout economics and the ability to scale on an as-needed basis," said Lavesh Samtani, COO at FLIK TV. "Hosted on reliable Amazon AWS(TM) cloud infrastructure, Amagi CLOUDPORT makes it simple for us to manage video and audio assets, launch additional feeds in new regions with a short time to market, and minimize CAPEX and OPEX. At the end of the day, we're able to quickly deliver broadcast-quality content at significantly reduced costs."

The CLOUDPORT platform offers seamless integration with third-party scheduling, automation, and asset management systems, leading to quick deployment at FLIK TV. All of FLIK TV's content assets have been migrated to the cloud, enabling the channel to easily broaden its footprint into non-contiguous geographies. Moreover, Amagi's future-ready cloud-based playout platform allows FLIK TV to easily expand into the OTT multiscreen environment as the need arises.

FLIK TV has partnered with TV operator Telkom Indonesia, where the CLOUDPORT edge server is installed. The edge server plays feature-rich graphics, audio, and video based on FLIK TV's playlist, resulting in a world-class entertainment experience for subscribers. FLIK TV can manage the entire workflow on a secure cloud network from any remote location by using a web-based, programmable interface.

"CLOUDPORT simplifies the entire broadcast workflow, enabling content owners and TV networks to quickly and profitably launch new TV channels," said K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi. "By embracing the cloud for channel playout, FLIK TV now has the financial freedom to launch feeds in new regions in less than four weeks."

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The only premium Indonesian HD movie channel in the world, FLIK TV has a massive, unmatchable library of Indonesian movies in all genres, from past to present. The library is constantly expanding day-by-day. All the movies in FLIK TV's library have been remastered in high-quality HD resolution, providing 24-hour premium content for the viewers.

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Amagi is a next-generation media technology company that provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising platforms to customers globally. Amagi enables TV networks to create a complete broadcast workflow on the cloud, with support for content preparation, storage, archival, playout, delivery, and monetization at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional broadcast models. Using Amagi's award-winning, patented technologies, advertisers can target audiences at a regional and individual level across traditional TV and OTT multiscreen platforms. Amagi has deployments in over 25 countries for leading TV networks, and is India's largest TV ad network supporting more than 2,500 brands. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in Hong Kong, London, New York City, and Tokyo.

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