Video Devices’ PIX-E5H Plug-And-Play and 4K Capabilities a Hit for Chicago-Based LStop Media

CHICAGO, IL, APRIL 26, 2016 — For the past decade, Bradley Glanzrock has worked in video and photo production, honing his skills as a producer, director, cameraman, and editor. In 2013, Glanzrock founded LStop Media, a full-service content production agency that brings together a creative collective of industry experts based in Chicago.

LStop Media prides itself on providing the most efficient, collaborative, and innovative means to elevate services for its clients. As a one-stop shop for production content as well as promotion and engagement, Glanzrock understands that using reliable equipment is critical to meeting the needs of his many clients. LStop Media’s client roster includes projects with Discovery Education, the University of Chicago, and Womenetics, as well as professional sports teams, nonprofit organizations, and musicians.

“I first heard about Sound Devices and Video Devices, and their audio and video products, from other trusted industry professionals,” says Glanzrock. “I was looking for something that could record in 4K, and that was also compact, durable and could capture content in all sorts of environments and situations. I ended up pre-ordering a PIX-E5H at B&H Photo Video due to its ruggedness and durability, which are key features I look for in my equipment. I love the ease of use the PIX-E5H offers, as well as its plug-and-play capabilities. Aside from these characteristics, the product is very robust; offering a ton of great features. Other products I have used in the past have failed during recording when I tried to do certain things, but the PIX-E5H does what it says it will do and never overheats. Footage is always crisp and clear, and the menu system is easy to understand as well. It’s great to be able to use the buttons and dials, or tap into what I need with the touch screen.”

Glanzrock recently used his PIX-E5H while working with Moving Planet Productions on Virtual Field Trips, a project for Discovery Education. The program’s live streams give middle and high school students a glimpse into different industries. Glanzrock also used his PIX-E5H for Sensory Interactive, a company that evaluates, plans, launches, and operates technology-driven experiences that generate revenue and connect brands with customers.

His PIX-E5H was also on set for a recent personal project where he served as Director of Photography for, where he interviewed musical artists and asked them about their inspirations and influences from vinyl records. More recently, Glanzrock has started using his PIX-E5H on a project for the Chicago Architectural Biennial; and he plans to use it on all future shoots, including additional Discovery Education projects.

Along with his Video Devices’ PIX-E5H, Glanzrock’s rig also includes a Varavon Zeus Cage for the Sony a7R II and a7S II, which are easily able to mount the PIX-E5H. Additionally, Glanzrock’s used a range of Sennheiser and RØDE wireless microphones, as well as Sony and Canon lenses.

 “On my shoots all around the country, the PIX-E5H has allowed me to film people and places without huge production equipment since the unit is very small,” adds Glanzrock. “The PIX-E5H is able to run for hours on end and has allowed me to overcome the problem of overheating that I have dealt with in the past with other manufacturers’ monitors and cameras. The size, functionality, metal body, durable touch screen, easy operation, and storage are all great features and reasons why I chose the PIX-E5H over competitor products.”

He also uses the PIX-E5H as a confidence monitor on product-related photography shoots. “Even when not using the monitor to record, it provides the best image and color reproductions I’ve seen on any monitor,” he says. “Clients really like and appreciate the ability to get such a clear view of what I’m capturing.”

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