The Audio Engineering Society Launches AES Live Online Video Collection

New York, NY — The Audio Engineering Society announces its AES Live video collection available for viewing on the website. Comprising a growing library of exclusive videos featuring interviews with past, present and future leaders of our industry, informative panels and presentations, oral histories and more, AES Live gives members yet another tool for educating and enlightening themselves with added insights on all things audio.

Harvested from over a dozen AES Conventions and Conferences, and continually being updated throughout the year, the current lineup of AES Live videos covers an array of topics including recording industry and home studios, live sound, product design and manufacturing, archiving and restoration, education and more. Videos include full-length presentations such as the “Analog Tape in a Digital World” and “GRAMMY SoundTables®: Songs That Move The Needle” from the AES 137th Convention, and “Theatrical Sound Design” and “Mix and Mastering Optimized for Streaming” from the 139th Convention.

The collection also features a series of feature-length AES Live: Legends videos, which contain formal interviews and insights of both historical and educational interest from the likes of industry legends and innovators including Bruce Swedien, Irv Joel, Jim Anderson, John Meyer, Phil Ramone, Ray Dolby and Les Paul. These videos together represent the rich history and significant sonic impact, both technically and aesthetically, of the contributions of these AES industry luminaries to professional audio engineering. The series is geared towards anyone interested in the how and why of modern audio production, including the pioneering work and innovation that now defines an industry. Audio aspects of live performance, recording, broadcast, product development, archiving and restoration are among the technologies covered in the series.

“These AES Live videos represent some of the very best of what the Audio Engineering Society offers. Our AES Live: Legends videos offer intimate portraits that reveal the human aspect of these personalities, as well as their impact on the science and art of audio. AES Live: Expo and Tutorial videos share the painstakingly researched and produced live presentations that anchor AES conventions and events,” states AES Executive Director Bob Moses. “Bringing these inspirational and educational experiences into the mobile and computing devices of our worldwide membership further enhances the benefit of being an AES member while offering up an engaging and enlightening experience for anyone involved, or wanting to be involved, in audio engineering.”

AES President-Elect Alex Case, one of the Society’s most popular lecturers, is serving as Producer of the AES Live content. “There’s nothing more fundamental to the Society’s mission than sharing knowledge, and that includes preserving our heritage,” says Case. “The AES Live video series is the perfect complement to the AES E-Library, bringing the E-Library’s 50 years of archived content to life. AES Live offers education, illumination, inspiration and insight in a compelling user experience. Browse now, and check back often, as we are continually releasing video from the AES archives while generating new content with every AES Convention and Conference.”

AES Live Video Trailers:
John Meyer: Live Sound and Theatrics

GRAMMY SoundTables: Songs That Move The Needle

Phil Ramone: Music Production

AES Oral History: Norman C. Pickering

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