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Come and Enjoy the AES Convention Experience In Paris In June

New York, NY, February 22, 2016 — The 140th International Audio Engineering Society Convention, coming to the Palais des Congrès in Paris, June 4 to 7, promises to be the multifaceted experience that attracts regular attendees to our Conventions every year. “AES Conventions bring together in one place audio professionals from all over the world,” says Michael Williams, 140th AES Convention Co-Chair, “to participate in a technical programme covering the wide horizon of research into audio engineering and practices – if you want to put your finger on practically every aspect within the frontier of research in almost any field of audio, then the papers sessions are the ideal place to be.” Expert-led Workshops at AES Conventions address the applications of technology of the utmost importance in present-day professional audio. For those seeking education on fundamental audio technologies and practices, AES conventions also offer an unparalleled span of Tutorials, as well as a very active and stimulating student programme.

When the world’s leading audio experts gather together for an AES Convention, energetic human face-to-face networking results, with official and unofficial meetings taking place at almost every corner. The official meetings include AES Standards sessions, which establish the backbone of future developments in the industry. These Standards meetings are open to all with a direct and material interest in the work. “At the 140th AES Convention, Standards meetings will take place on audio applications of networks, digital audio interfaces, loudspeaker modelling and measurement, and metadata for audio” says Mark Yonge, Standards Manager.

Further, under the auspices of the Technical Council of the AES, Technical Committee meetings bring together members of the audio community active in specific areas of expertise to discuss current practices and future trends. These topic-specific Committees make suggestions for future convention workshop and tutorial subjects, and suggest thought-leaders in various audio specialties as participants. Technical Committee members are often involved with AES International Conference planning and form study groups that write reports and produce technical documents on critical issues such as the perceptual loudness of streaming audio services. They also recommend candidates for awards in their fields of knowledge. “Technical Committees within the AES help build bridges to other societies and technical organizations through formal and informal activities that ensure the flow of relevant information in both directions,” says Francis Rumsey, Technical Council Chair, “thus nurturing collaboration in technical, scientific and user-oriented matters.”

No AES convention would be complete without the exhibition showcasing the cutting-edge new products that are a result of all this activity and research. “Any technician or engineer will be spoilt for choice to find solutions to problems in hand,” says Williams. “Many manufacturers also have demos on site, so that, in a relatively short time, decisions can be made as to the most suitable equipment for your particular project.”

“To keep ahead in the audio world,” Williams concludes, “attending the 140th AES Convention must be a focal point in your calendar.”

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