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Bubblebee Introduces Invisible LAV Microphone Covers

 Bubblebee Industries, Danish manufacturer of the popular Windbubble windscreens for miniature microphones, is introducing its newest product, Invisible LAV Covers. Designed to be easily hidden in most kinds of clothing while permitting optimum audio pickup, Invisible LAV Covers offer the ideal concealment solution for lavalier microphones.

Invisible LAV Covers allow the engineer to mount any miniature lavalier microphone safely and securely in an undetectable spot either on clothing or directly on the skin of the wearer, with minimal effect on the sound. The invisible LAV Covers include hypoallergenic tape and special fabric in a handy box with materials for 30 mountings.

The Bubblebee concealment fabric was designed to give minimal movement and eliminate clothing noise and vibrations to the mic when mounted. The LAV covers are made to be durable and stick safely to either skin or fabrics. The covers are safely stored in a packaging inspired by classic chewing gum packs, making them easy to fit into the pocket. The package flips open, revealing both fabric and tape, for quick and easy mounting.

Watch this short Bubblebee instructional video:

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