SSL demonstrates compatibility with Riedel systems

At IBC2012, Solid State Logic is demonstrating compatibility with Riedel RockNet and MediorNet systems.

SSL C100 HDS and C10 HD digital broadcast consoles can now connect to the Riedel RockNet low latency audio distribution network and MediorNet fibre-optic transport, routing and conversion network. Via Riedel's RN334.MD MADI interface, SSL consoles can then remotely control GAIN, Phantom Power and Pad settings for Riedel RN series audio interfaces connected anywhere on a RockNet network.

In addition, SSL's MORSE Stagebox and Alpha-Link I/O units can also be connected via MADI to Riedel's MediorNet networks with full remote control capability maintained for SSL consoles. The new implementation ensures that Riedel and SSL remote I/O continue to behave as expected within SSL's redundancy topology.