Ross Video Showcases XPression Clips at IBC 2015

IROQUIS, ONTARIO—Ross Video will arrive in Amsterdam for IBC 2015 ready to showcase its new production clip server, XPression Clips. Based on the XPression real-time graphics engine, XPression Clips eliminates pre-rolls with instant recalls, features an intuitive interface, and supports multiple forms of automation control, including integration with Ross switchers.

XPression Clips

CG functionality can also be added to the XPresion Clips server with the XPression Studio upgrade, which combines real-time 3D graphics with video and graphic clips in the same device. XPression clips also plays back video inside XPression materials, making it possible to recall clips into virtual monitors in VS/AR implementations on the fly.

The ClipStore database keeps track of all metadata and can synchronize with other ClipStores in a facility. Multiple XPression Clips can also run off a single ClipStore on a NAS or SAN. In addition, the XPression INcoder application can be used as a companion application that transcodes files from popular file formats into XPression codec. After the transcode process, Incoder delivers the clip to a network location or registers it in one or more ClipStore databases for immediate recall.

XPression Clips will be supported in the next release of the XPression MOS Plug-In. Journalists will be able to select a Clips tab from the plug-in window, browse for content, and add clips directly into their stores. Ross is also underway on integration Clips with Ross Streamline.

Ross Video will be located at booths 9.B08, 9.C23 and 9.C10 during IBC 2015.