NAB Show: Riedel Adds Multiviewer and Intercom Panels to Lineup

LAS VEGAS—Thomas Riedel, founder of Riedel Communications, kicked off a midday Monday press conference by describing the increasing popularity of the company’s MediorNet technology and the decentralized routing it enables. He then introduced Lars Höhmann, Riedel’s MediorNet product manager, who presented the MediorNet Multiviewer app, the first of three Riedel products being introduced at NAB Show. It enables fast setup of multiviewer screens and can be located anywhere on the network.

Thomas Riedel, far right, poses with the company’s “spacemen” product management team (from left) Jake Dodson, Lars Höhmann and Karsten Konrad.

The next product introduced was the Riedel “Smart Panel,” which can serve simultaneously as a MediorNet router control panel and an intercom key panel. It features a hands-free interface and support for AES67, AVB and AES3.

Director of Product Management Jake Dodson presented the final new product entry, Bolero, a next-generation fully Artist-integrated wireless intercom station. It operates over an AES67 IP network and can function as either a beltpack or a desktop unit; because it includes a microphone and speaker, it can also be used as a walkie-talkie.

In his presentation, Dodson insisted that, despite the “space suits” he and other product personnel were wearing, reports about extraterrestrial involvement in the development of Bolero were untrue.

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