NAB Show Product Review: Cameras

Camera makers at NAB marched forward with more 4K camera developments, a couple of 8K cameras, and some new HD cameras at breakthrough prices.

AJA introduced RovoControl 3.0 to its RovoCam Camera System, now with USB controller support for mapping RovoControl controls to a USB interface for game-style controllers or USB joysticks, an updated exposure control interface for simpler camera control, and improved presets interface for camera and PTZ control.

ANTELOPE CAMERA SYSTEMS showcased its Pico miniature slow motion camera, based on a 2/3-inch 2K chip that provides high detail and light sensitivity. It records at up to 350fps in native HD, and provides instant replay. Deflickering technology eliminates lighting related flicker in real time. The system can work at a distance of nearly 300 feet via a three-channel BNC cable. The 4K Antelope Ultra was also shown.

ARRI ALEXA SXT Wireless Video System

ARRI announced a software update for its ALEXA Mini that includes enhanced integration with the ARRI WCU-4 3-axis wireless control unit. Another new feature is the wireless transfer of lens files, allowing users to select a lens file stored on the SD card in their WCU-4 and wirelessly transmit the file to the ALEXA Mini. ARRI also debuted its ARRI Look Library, designed to allow filmmakers to make creative look choices on set.

Bexel Clarity POV camera

BEXEL introduced Clarity 800, a miniature, high-frame-rate, POV camera for live production. It’s designed to easily integrate into a live event ecosystem, operating the same as a larger broadcast camera system and features real-time processing via fiber optics and integration with industry-standard video servers. It can image at 480fps at 1080p HD. (An upcoming Clarity 800-4K will capture 4K (UHD) images at up to 120fps).

CANON rolled out its new flagship camera, the EOS C700, available in three models, with PL and EF lens mount versions. The up to 4.5K full frame sensor camera provides up to 15 stops of dynamic range. It was shown in the booth in a studio/OB configuration, a first for Canon, which has not previously competed in that market.

Grass Valley LDX 82

GRASS VALLEY debuted the LDX 82 Series, four upgradable camera models that provide varying levels of operational flexibility for every production need. All deliver high sensitivity in HD, wide color gamut and XDR, and optionally feature 15 f-stops via eLicense. Also new was 4K LDX 86N Series, designed for high-quality HD and native 4K capture in camera positions that are difficult to reach or impractical for camera operators.

HITACHI KOKUSAI premiered its Z-HD5500 studio and field production camera, designed to handle the challenges of shooting in studios and venues with low-cost or varying-frequency LED lighting and large-screen LED displays. It also meets high-performance 1080p acquisition specifications, bringing HDR of 14 stops to high-definition productions. It incorporates newly designed 2/3-inch 2.3 megapixel imagers.

IKEGAMI, with the 2020 Olympics clearly in mind, demonstrated a pair of 8K cameras: the SHK 810, utilizing a single 35mm imager, and a yet unnamed 8K camera incorporating three 2/3-inch 8K sensors. Also shown was the HDK-73, 2/3-inch CMOS Unicam HD camera system for high-quality HD in switchable 1080i or 720p.

JVC’s GY-HM660SC ProHD sports coaching camera

JVCKENWOOD introduced its GY-HM660SC ProHD sports coaching camera, which integrates seamlessly with the XOS Thunder HD coaching video system. The company also debuted new firmware for its GY-LS300CH camera that adds 4K 4:2:2 recording and 60P output.

LUMENS INTEGRATION unveiled its VC-A50P HD Pan/ Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) IP camera, which provides full HD 1080p output at 60 fps. As an IP camera, it can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), simplifying wiring. It sports a 20x optical zoom lens, and has a variety of interfaces including Ethernet, HDMI and 3G-SDI.

Panasonic AW-HR140 PTZ camera

PANASONIC introduced the AWHR140 outdoor integrated PTZ Full HD remote camera, enclosed in an IP65-protected case. The SDI-output camera is designed for outdoor live event and sports arena/stadium capture, as well as for broadcast coverage of weather, traffic and scenics. It features 1/2.86-type full HD 3MOS sensors and a motorized 20x zoom lens. Panasonic also added 2K RAW output at up to 240fps to the VariCam LT 4K Cinema Camcorder.

Sony’s UMC-S3C 4K camera

SONY featured their new UMCS3C 4K, a tiny 4K camera featuring an ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600 along with internal recording. It offers a wide range of remote shooting applications in almost total darkness. Sony also highlighted its HDC-P43 compact POV camera and FS7 II camcorder.

Vision Research Phantom Flex4K-GS

VISION RESEARCH unveiled a new version of its Phantom Flex4K-GS, incorporating a global shutter that exposes each pixel on the sensor at the same moment. This eliminates motion artifacts experienced by prior models using rolling shutters. The camera’s 12-bit CMOS sensor images at up to 1,000fps at 4K resolution, 1975fps at 1920x1080, and 2,930fps at 1280x720.

360-degree immersive virtual reality (VR) cameras and finishing software suites saw great interest at NAB, with steady traffic through the Virtual and Augmented Reality Pavilion.

SyncBac PRO VR camera from 360RIZE and Timecode Systems

360RIZE and TIMECODE SYSTEMS have partnered to create SyncBac PRO, a unique VR acquisition solution that delivers the efficiency benefits of professional standard timecode synchronization to VR and 360 filming.

360 DESIGNS introduced its Live EYE, which shrinks its Mini EYE 3 camera module down to a single, all-in-one design. It improves parallax by 200 percent, is rainproof, and features a hydrophobic lens coating. It provides full remote ATEM control of white balance, shutter, gain and live color grading with DaVinci. Control of the camera can be remoted up to 300 feet away.

AZilPix’s Studio.One camera system

AZILPIX highlighted its Studio.One camera system, designed for multi-angle and live 360 video production. It employs cost-effective, high-resolution cameras with wide angle and/or fish eye lenses to capture every aspect of a live event from multiple angles.

JAUNTVR premiered its Jaunt ONE stereoscopic spherical camera system, capable of a maximum stitched output resolution of 8K x 4K per eye. It combines images from a total of 24 2K imager modules to yield an effective stereoscopic coverage area of 360x110 degrees, with full 360-degree monoscopic coverage.

PANASONIC showed a 360-degree Live Camera System, the AW-360C10 camera head and AW-360B10 base unit for 360-degree video in uncompressed 4K/30p. It generates industry-standard 2:1 equirectangular format 360-degree video.

YI TECHNOLOGY presented its YI HALO 8K x 8K stereoscopic 360 VR camera system, which employs 17 camera modules and weighs 7.5 pounds with battery. It has modes for video, still imaging and time lapse videography and built-in 5 GHz Wi-Fi allows the system to be controlled from an Android smartphone.

Z CAM/IMAGINEVISION, makers of the Z CAM VR camera system, announced that they have joined forces with ASSIMILATE, creator of SCRATCH, to simplify VR content creation. The resulting Z CAM S1/SCRATCH VR Z Bundle, which provides an end-to-end 360 VR solution.