NAB Show New York Exhibitor Viewpoint—Artel Video Systems

Shortly before NAB Show New York, TV Technology spoke withRafael Fonseca, Vice President and Director Product Management for Artel Video Systems.

TV TECHNOLOGY:What technology trends do you anticipate will be “front and center” at NAB Show New York?

RAFAEL FONSECA: We expect the migration to an all IP framework will be a prevalent topic at the NAB Show New York. Attendees recognize the merits of IP, however there’s still much to understand about how the industry will work through the challenges in terms of addressing devices in an IP environment; management of these devices at the network, workflow and device level; and understanding how new topologies will be presented reflecting an IP networking environment where assets and functions are distributed. In this regard, the importance of consortiums like the AIMS and TICO Alliance will continue to be front of mind for technology vendors as a means to gain the credibility required by end users demanding the interoperability and reliability required of their networks.

TVT:What will be your company’s most important product news?

RF:At the 2016 NAB Show New York, Artel will showcase the following new products and enhancements:

InfinityLink Broadcast Media Transport Solution: InfinityLink allows end users to design and manage video, audio and data transport systems from studio to studio or from remote site to network operations center with confidence. The solution’s scalable architecture creates an easy-to-deploy solution ideal for customers that require reliable broadcast-quality transmission and the flexibility to manage future growth and emerging technologies while maximizing their investment. The InfinityLink platform includes the IL6000, a space-saving 1RU chassis featuring 20x20 3G routing and Ethernet switching capabilities, and on-board chassis management, enabling broadcasters and AV professionals to monitor, configure and upgrade chassis and function module firmware with ease.

New Enhanced Video Over IP Solutions: Video-over-IP capabilities support auto-sensing of broadcast-quality HD-SDI, SD-SDI and ASI video formats; utilizing SMPTE 2022-1/2/5/6 IP encapsulation and forward error correction (FEC). Artel’s solutions offer flexible configurations to maximize reliable performance and minimize latency. Also, a 1 GigE IP interface allows end users to bridge IP data for greater bandwidth utilization of the 10 G Ethernet interface.

Artel’s award-winning DLC510 Satellite Scanner functions as an L-band satellite demodulator and as a fully automatic L-band satellite scanner. The DLC510 features dual RF inputs, DVB-S2X support and the recently adopted ETSI Carrier ID transmission coding.

TVT: How is your new product different from what’s available on the market?

RF:Artel’s DLC510 Satellite Scanner enables satellite operators and engineers to scan and locate quickly and accurately active signals on a satellite without complicated test equipment and clearly displays signals in an easy-to-read list with other essential data. End users can then highlight the required signal, and the scanner immediately locks on to the demodulated signal for broadcast.