NAB Futures Park to Highlight ATSC 3.0

WASHINGTON—Rebranded simply as the Futures Park and with a new location in the South Upper Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the 2016 NAB Show’s Futures Park will once again feature media-related research and development projects from around the world. This year, special attention will be given to a number of ATSC 3.0 demos, showcasing the next-generation DTV standard.

The Futures Park will feature a special ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Pavilion at this year’s show, where 15 companies will present and demonstrate prototype equipment that implement portions of the ATSC 3.0 standard. There will also be the ATSC 3.0 Studio, which will features live content for the ATSC 3.0 demonstration broadcasts. The NAB’s Pilot booth will also show ATSC 3.0, display a prototype ATSC 3.0 recevier/gateway.

Another exhibit plans to showcase the Korean UHD On-Air consortium, demonstrating work done toward the planned 2017 launch of regular terrestrial UHDTV service in Korea. This is expected to be one of the first deployments of ATSC 3.0 broadcasting.

The Super HiVision format from NHK, which provides 8K video and 22.2-channel sound, is also expected to be on display. New elements to be presented this year include 8K laser projection, HDR and wide color-gamut 8K images, an 8K remote production truck, and examples of 8K content.

In addition, demonstrations by the Ultra HD Forum and the 4EVER-2 Project are also set for the Futures Park; as well as displays on virtual reality, next-gen audio, interoperable file-based workflows, new sensor techniques, interactive TV, management of multiple live content streams, HDR video production tools, multi-screen application development and 3D production software.

The 2016 NAB Show Futures Park will be open from April 18-21.