ATSC 3.0 to Broadcast from NAB Show Floor

WASHINGTON—The broadcast industry has been talking about ATSC 3.0 for a while now, but at the 2016 NAB Show attendees can see it in action as NAB announces that ATSC 3.0 will test its live transmission capabilities from the show floor. These live transmissions will be sent to prototype receivers designed to demonstrate the new capabilities of ATSC 3.0.

These broadcasts will be part of the ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Pavilion, which will be part of the Futures Park exhibition in the South Hall, Upper Level of the Las Vegas Convention Center. These transmissions will then be on received and displayed at the ATSC 3.0 Consumer Experience, which will be located near the entrance to the Upper Level of the South Hall.

In addition, the ATSC 3.0 Consumer Experience will display new receiving devices for next-generation television broadcasts, ATSC 3.0 “gateway” receivers that are designed to feed existing tablets and mobile devices with Wi-Fi signals, as well as examples of ATSC 3.0’s emergency alerting system.

The 2016 NAB Show will take place in Las Vegas from April 16-21.