[Webinar] Improving Post-production by Better Utilization of NVMe Enhanced Storage Resources

New technologies are constantly emerging to assist those organizations struggling to support the increasing needs associated with producing high-resolution content in multiple formats. One in particular that has shown real promise in making a positive impact to supporting and accelerating production workflows is flash-based storage. However, these resources are both highly expensive and limited on capacity when compared to spinning disk.

In light of this evolution in storage technology, there has been a new advancement recently developed that is adding greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness to this storage medium. In many ways it is completing the promise of what flash was always intended to be. It’s called NVMe, or non-volatile memory -- a transfer protocol that was built from the ground up to connect the host to the storage subsystem, and delivers speed 2x to 7x faster than SATA SSDs. Yet even with this new protocol, it’s important to understand where it can be best utilized, as well as how it can be shared amongst multiple users.

TVTechnology, in collaboration with Quantum, invites you to an informative webinar where you’ll learn:

  • The background of NVMe, and why it is an improvement to legacy flash-based media
  • What production processes and workflows best leverage the benefits of NVMe
  • How the economics of flash-based resources can be improved by NVMeoF
  • What should be considered when upgrading to NVMe, and how it can be done
  • Future trends in flash-based storage architectures

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Tom Butts
Content Director
TV Technology

Jason Coari
Global Director, Product and Solution Marketing

Jason Coari has over 20 years experience in the technical computing and storage industry, with a career spanning both senior sales and marketing positions across the globe at both hardware and software organizations. At Quantum, Jason is responsible for leading the company’s commercial strategy across all industries for scale-out storage solutions. Previous to Quantum, he worked in a variety of global roles at SGI, most notably directing HPC product marketing strategy and leading the European and APAC marketing organizations.

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