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Better, more affordable tools take streaming to the next level

The world of sports tech is changing faster than it has in decades. AV professionals stand to profit handsomely by providing new solutions for in-stadium video infrastructure upgrades as well as new technology for broadcast and streaming coverage of rapidly evolving distribution channels.


Savvy integrators will be downloading this guide for the latest approaches and guidance on tools that meet the evolving tech needs they create, including:


  • How cutting-edge AV technology, such as massive LED walls and projection mapping, are transforming in-stadium and arena experiences for fans and creating massive new opportunities for AV contractors.
  • Why high dynamic range (HDR) is so important to today’s sports production and the best ways to tackle its demands in a mixed signal source environment.
  • The quest for single cable simplicity, especially as production transitions from HD to 4K Ultra-HD.
  • Case studies from the field on new and better ways to handle video for IMAG, live broadcast, and streaming.

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