A.I. Making Inroads into Media Enterprises

Increasing content volumes, shorter turnaround times, and a growing range of outlets for content are combining to drive media enterprises to look for ways to automate their production workflows. One technology that has begun to bear fruit is Artificial Intelligence, which can be used to streamline repetitive tasks and simplify media operations.

For an in-depth analysis of the survey results, download the whitepaper titled "There's Nothing Artificial About A.I. for Broadcasters".

TV Technology recently completed survey of over 300 media professionals, sponsored by Quantum, that shows artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies are already in use within the media and entertainment industry. Fully two-thirds of the companies which have tested A.I. have adopted it for one or more tasks. Large media organizations, those with media archives containing over 20,000 hours of content, are particularly enthusiastic adopters of A.I. technology for both metadata creation and automated clip generation and distribution.

Providing appropriate tags for new materials and content that is already stored in media libraries is growing in importance as all types of media organizations seek to maximize the value of content they already own. Quantum Corporation has developed an e-book titled “Applying the Power of AI to Your Video Production Storage” that describes how metadata can be automatically created using on-premises appliances to analyze content housed in object storage. This e-book also explains how to avoid the cost, complexity and potential security risks of uploading content to a public cloud service.

Quantum offers perspective on the value of metadata for locating and using existing video and audio files in a blog post titled “It’s 2020—Why Aren’t You Mining Metadata?” Many media companies have large and growing archives of raw and fully-produced content that can be re-purposed to generate new revenue streams. To unlock the value within these files, metadata is crucial, providing the means to locate clips that are relevant to current events or ones that can be used in new productions. This blog post describes some of the key ways in which content companies can increase their revenues and viewer mindshare by leveraging assets they already own.

At NAB 2017, Quantum showed a new A.I. system in operation that was specifically designed to process large volumes of video contained in object storage owned or operated by media companies. The aiWARE for Xcellis™ product that was demonstrated is described in detail on this web page which also includes links to the product data sheet and other useful reference material.

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